'We don't feel safe in Wrexham in the daylight' shock survey finds

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    Hugh Bet

    Liam Randall’s article highlights what most people are thinking and perhaps answers that lingering question of why nobody visits Wrexham.

    I ponder on whether this will see an increase in bobbies on the beat when “only 46 per cent of respondents said they felt safe in the town, while almost 80 per cent said they felt unsafe after dark”

    I fear it shall not and the results will be poo pooed (excuse one’s language please but i am exasperated by it all)



    So much negative publicity for the town created by a survey completed by less than 1300 people ! Thousands flocked into town over the last two weekends to enjoy themselves at the Food Festival and Singing Streets, with absolutely no fear for their safety.


    Different story again on Wrexham.com, every body seems safe now.


    So much negative publicity for the town created by a survey completed by less than 1300 people ! Thousands flocked into town over the last two weekends to enjoy themselves at the Food Festival and Singing Streets, with absolutely no fear for their safety.

    Just to be accurate on flocks, a Chief Reporter at the Leader reported on the Food Festival that there were dozens of interested crows, and only hundreds of people.

    57 hundred people I think, and more seagulls than crows… but perhaps the crows were terrified and kept away?

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    Council Watcher

    Trouble with these surveys is that the low numbers of participants are not statistically balanced and probably not all of the people have recently visited the town.
    The question to be asked is the fear real or perceived am not defending the cohort but has any member of the general public ever been hurt by any of the street dwellers? How many people have had ‘in your face’ harassment?
    I’m not defending anyone but it does feel like the ‘fear’ or crime is higher than the reality.



    The overall figures are still accurate if you look at the blue bar on the graphs on the Wrexham.com piece, but it does add some good context. I agree that it’s an issue of perception. I never feel unsafe during the day and rarely at night but can’t account for people of different ages or gender.



    I have never been afraid or unsafe in Wrexham in the daytime. I don’t tend to go into town at night-time.

    I find people sitting on the floor in front of shop windows zonked out of their minds a bit off-putting.



    I just think a lot of the feel unsafe group who responded are absolute bloody wimps. You can’t help but feel that if the majority of pensioners feel safe & have most likely lived in the town for decades & know what actual trouble was like back in the day then there’s very little for anyone else to fear.

    Surely we’d hear about the elderly being mugged left right & centre but it’s not happening. The actual reality is that the age groups that are more affluent and more likely to have vehicles to access other shopping locations such as Broughton, Chester & Cheshire Oaks etc… are using the unsafe factor to mask the fact that they are being shopping snobs & have abandoned supporting this town.

    These will be the same people who are complaining that there’s nothing in this town when they refuse to support the day or night time economy. They will also ironically be opposed to the expansion of anything new in town including drive through coffee venues (that they’ll use all the time in precious Cheshire) or even new schools because the extra school run traffic adds 2 minutes to their morning commute.

    I’m fully aware that people of all ages are supporting Wrexham with a passion but this dreadful group-think fear of certain local elements is damning the town into a commuter hub only.

    It’s high time people stopped wrapping themselves and their family’s in cotton wool & didn’t mistake feeling a bit uncomfortable about seeing the local deprived elements as the equivalent of immediately being under threat of attack.



    Matt thank you for such a well balanced comment that I completely agree with.

    I moved my family here 4 years ago and we regularly visit the town with our children including today and last weekend for the singing streets and the food festival the weekend before. We’ve never felt unsafe at all or afraid for the kids’ safety. Yes there are undesirables just like in any other small town. I’ve lived and worked in comparable towns in Wales and England and it’s certainly no worse here.

    I’ve lived in towns with dead centres because locals stopped coming in to town (Bridgend and Pontypridd). It will be so sad if all the effort that’s being made to improve the town’s reputation is lost by people not visiting as they think they’re unsafe just because they may see some drugged up homeless people/people suffering from serious mental health problems walking around or sitting on benches spaced out. Get a grip. Last time I was in Manchester City centre there were such people sprawled out in the middle of the pavement and the thousands of people walking by didn’t seem to be scared! And our capital Cardiff has the same issues! Yes Chester and other more desirable shopping destinations are just up the road but I’d rather pop in to OUR town any day and support OUR local economy to keep it alive and to improve it for us and our children’s generation.

    I’ve just started working in the town recently so I do see the undesirables daily at all times of the day and never feel unsafe although admittedly it maybe unpleasant to see someone taking drugs from my office window it doesn’t stop me popping out at lunch time and why should it?



    I agree with eyeman, every city, town has the same problems to a degree. I also visit Chester and they have a similar if not worse problem than Wrexham. Walk round the rows late evening or early morning and you are falling over rough sleepers or avoiding human waste. The only difference between Chester and Wrexham is that Chester city centre is much larger and operates on two levels ( ground and the rows ) so such undesirables are spread over a much larger area.

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