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    Ioan y Ffin

    What is going on inside the planning department at WCBC?

    The Local Development Plan is still nowhere to be seen. Is it four or five years since it was meant to have been signed off? Meanwhile in the absence of any official policy guidance locally, developers have a field day.

    Private companies (Lidl) taking the council to the tribunal since officials have taken over a year to come to a decision. During 2020 planning applications have fallen so what is the reason for the delay.

    Developers like the case of Ty Henblas getting away with scrapping or downsizing their affordable housing payments to derisory sums.

    Surreal situations multiply e.g. Aldi have offered to supply a bus stop as part of a planning agreement. A few kerb stones, some hard core and some yellow paint. Their generosity is overwhelming. Who agrees this stuff?



    Some very important decisions not being made by the planning committee but officers only.



    “Some very important decisions not being made by the planning committee but
    officers only”

    We may be led into believing that but I am convinced that the invisible finger of the committee is behind many of the decisions, but attributed to Officers to deflect blame.

    I always used to watch planning meetings but the low level of discussion and understanding of topics is, quite frankly, embarrassing.

    It is of little wonder that the number of appeals launched and upheld is a sad indictment on the planning processes of WCBC.



    All big developments and controversial ones should be put before the Planning Committee , even if it is a Zoom meeting these days.

    Planning process defended as mega greenhouse proposals treated the same as “Mrs Jones who wants to build an extension”

    The above application is one that should have gone to the Planning Committee.



    I agree with BenjaminM. It would be interesting to know how much the council have had to pay out in costs for appeals that have gone against them.



    WCBC planning department is a joke. Wrexham needs housing, they vote no, Wrexham needs better services, they vote no. How about, all of us who live and work in Wrexham, whether you vote red, blue, yellow, green or whatever colour plaid are, we vote all vote to get rid of this pile of shit who control WCBC. Vote in anyone like myself who is under 35 who can actually see the future. The overpaid, and over valued idiots who have been in charge foe the past 20 years have already done enough damage. Time to get rid of them, and let the future take over.

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