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    Cllr. Arfon Jones raised a question at the recent Executive Group meeting regarding whether WCBC had money invested in the top 200 fossil energy companies and that if so, it was behaving hypocritically when WCBC are pushing ahead with renewable energy initiatives.
    What I find hypocritical is that he, along with the rest of society, invest indirectly when purchasing our gas, electric and petrol from producers, but I would wager that he would not be willing to forego any one of those necessities to back up his apparent moral stance.
    It is a pity that he, along with his sole Plaid colleague didn’t spend more time attending meetings that they are scheduled to rather than attending meetings with what would appear to be, the sole intention at fomenting unrest and disruption.
    Perhaps he could make a case for investing in Saith Seren. That would be moral investment…….. Or on second thoughts, maybe not!
    It is a great pity that the right of free speech is not based on an obligation to say something sensible.

    On a lighter note, I found it rather amusing that Welsh Assembly officials when confronted by a question from Darren Millar AM regarding the number of UFO sightings at Cardiff airport since the Assembly took over its management, responded to his question in Klingon. One thing is certain, it would be able to be read by a wider audience than if they had responded in Welsh!!!

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