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    @MP1953 11605 wrote:

    These closures are just another couple of more nails in the coffin of Wrexham, but this is not a recent thing as the powers to be have for many, many years made poor decisions and chose wrong priorities on behalf of genuine Wrexham people I like to call them. for e.g. city status, Glyndwr University, the destruction of Wrexhams heritage as a town etc. etc. :rolleyes:

    and the uni will be the next thing to change.



    Personally I would choose Councillor Kings pride & joy Venture for closure 100% over Plas Madoc. How many children travel from Rhos, Penycae, Cefn Mawr, New Broughton, Pentre Broughton to use the Venture facilities, whereas people from many of those places use the swimming facilities. Would the people who would build the sometime, never State of the Art replacement pool, be the same people who provided the cheaper option over private consultancy?



    @zinger 11612 wrote:

    Would the people who would build the sometime, never State of the Art replacement pool, be the same people who provided the cheaper option over private consultancy?

    Bingo.. :)



    Will someone ask the Council for a detailed breakdown of the financing of a new facility. Total purposed expenditure and repayment terms including capital, interest and length of loan? Probable answer will be we don’t know, however they must have used some projected figures on which to base their decisions surely!



    Waterworld Closure
    What a farce the Leisure Review has turned out to be–
    Consultants paid £56k for a report that has more holes than a colander–
    Financial information that does not stack up when looking at Plas Madoc
    No demolition costs for Waterworld yet £300k for Plas Madoc — is Waterworld going to just fall down?
    The consultants being budgeted for nearly a £100k if they help the Council hand the service to a Leisure Trust!
    Leisure Staff who have been gagged from discussing any matter to do with Waterworld or Plas Madoc or they will be disciplined.
    Council Members voting to close facilities in other areas when they have a Swimming Pool in their own Wards yet they don’t declare an Interest!
    Paying consultants to fly in a helicopter from location to location as their report is based on ‘how the crow flys’ when working out the distances from place to place..
    Wrexview– a request has been made for this information but it has not been provided–

    Everyone should wake up to the way that Wrexham Council now operate — we all have to accept that there are major budget cut issues (although Flintshire Council are nit touching services until 2015 – instead they have started by cutting the number of senior managers there is no self preservation going on there compered with Wrexham).
    Waterworld and Plas Madoc this week — wait for the next services – schools, Social Care cuts to come.
    Dylan Jones



    Leisure staff at Waterworld have been told they should be okay or 5 years.



    The council have indicated that they will open a new building costing £11 million and close both sites, but they don`t mention when it will be opened, don`t be surprised if the new place never gets built, personally i would say the two sites have planned uses, plas madoc i would guess more sheltered housing and a prime piece of land in the center of wrexham complete with carpark and possibly the land from the police station, if we didnt already have the usual suspects i would have said one of them, but we have not got a waitrose, well yet. So don`t be surprised if a large store gets built there.



    Waterworld site, Crown Buildings, Police Station, Bodhyfryd Car Park , Memorial Hall — demolish the lot all that is left are the Law Courts plus a new road access from the Tesco/Asda road leaves a massive development site.
    Link this to the new £15 million Vibrant and Viable Grant the Council have just had from WG and you have a commercial proposition that is worth aprox
    £2 million for the site. This whole site is indicated in a few reports that are in the Council that went to an Equality Impact meeting.
    The build if it was ever to take place for a new Waterworld would be on The Groves site which is shortly to be taken over by Colleg Cambria.
    The Council have to do a rebuild or they owe Sports Council £1,250,000 to repay the loan they had to do the last refurbishment.
    There are lots of jigsaw pieces to what is going on with only a couple of people at the top of the tree in the Council that have the plan- the others are just holding a separate piece.
    Really can’t understand why our elected Council Members are not switched on to what is happening around them.



    They will probably build yet more student flats.



    Very few swimming pools make a profit or break even, that’s not just locally but nationally, I once read an article about this subject, and that is just a fact of life. It’s understandable really because of the cost of heating the place, i wonder if they have looked at changing energy suppliers that potentially could be a big saving.
    When I recently went it cost nearly £15 for 3 people including parking, and the place was not empty, long gone are the days when I paid 50p to go there, and I thought that was expensive then. I also remember when the car park was changed to a pay and display it printed out a two part ticket, with one part for a refund on your parking fee if you were using the pool, so there has been extra revenue from this for a very long time.

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