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    So we have paid a company called Sport’s Consultancy to recommend to the Council what to do with Plas Madoc and Waterworld and they have only carried out a ” visual” survey! I would have expected at least a structural survey on the state of the two buildings, perhaps this company does not have that expertise! Also,has anyone costed the demolition of these two buildings? The Councillors still hold all the power here, ultimately they decide.



    I am quite concerned about this proposal – particularly the plans for Plas Madoc.

    I think, in principle, if Waterworld is re-developed then it can only be a good thing. A new centre that can cater for both performance sport aswell as providing a range of recreation options in the middle of Wrexham would be a good boost for the town centre. However there is the worrying question of “when”. There is the ever-threatening fact that the new facility may be stuck in the pipeline for an age…never actually coming to fruition and leaving a dearth in provision.

    The Plas Madoc facility would be a travesty to close. While I am not denying some TLC and some new ideas would be beneficial, it should not be closed. Plas Madoc provides provision for a range of communities South of Wrexham (through Ruabon, Johnsown, Penycae, Rhos, Plas Madoc, Cefn and other areas). In an age where physical wellbeing is often under valued to have a facility that does a good job in providing provision for people and allowing members of the surrounding community to get active and come together is of paramount importance. I am aware of financial constraints and the necessity of cuts but I am convinced with some greater strategic thought there would be a way to salvage this situation.



    Just popping a link to the meeting report – Waterworld & Plas Madoc Face Demolition Despite Opposition | Wrexham.com

    The ‘output’ of the long meeting and debate was the altering of the brackets in the final recommendation….



    Another thought to throw into the mix. Is Waterworld a listed building? If not is it likely to be listed due to its unusual architectural design? Could WCBC be left with a building they can’t demolish for years to come, that will stand empty in the centre of town and fall into disrepair?



    I actually like the design of Waterworld. Something different which will still be unusual in another 20 years time. I felt that it was short sighted for the pool to have been built short of the international length. In my opinion we need a pool suitable for the large amount of swimming gala’s that take place. Our swimmers have to go to Cardiff or Swansea for the bigger meets. We also need space for fun. In no way should Waterworld be closed before a replacement is in place. We cannot have a generation of youngsters having nowhere to swim.



    when you live in wrexham | Councillor Michael Williams tells the public that there is definitely not any corruption at Wrexham Council.

    ‘Council leaders told Wrexhamers today that there is definitely not any corruption going on at the council.

    Cllr Mike ‘Fat Cat’ Williams explained ‘No, there is definitely no corruption. None whatsoever. Absolutely… Really. None. No. No. No. No. Definitely.’

    He added, “Nada, DDim, None. It’s just a coincidence that the sports consultancy company (called The Sports Consultancy) that we got into audit the leisure services has a client (called Capita Symonds) that builds and manages new leisure centres. See it’s not corruption at all. Really. No. And it’s also a coincidence that the Sports Consultancy’s told us that we should knock Waterworld down and they have a company that can build a new one for 12 million.”

    Cllr Williams then added, “See, it’s just a coincidence. It’s also a coincidence that Birmingham City Council are building six leisure centres for 6 million each, half the price that our sports consultant (who have clients that build leisure centres) told us. It’s also a coincidence that our sports consultant does a lot of work with Deloitte who has a real estate arm that put together council leisure centre finance deals with the banks. See no corruption whatsoever… none. And it’s just a coincidence that our Sports Consulatnt said they know a company that could organise a loan for 12 million. And after all, knocking down Waterworld and building a new one will save 500k a year…

    Cllr Williams added, “See No Corruption whatsoever. None. It’s just that this council has tough choices to make about saving money… Anyway, you must excuse me, I need to decide what to do with the 9k pay rise that I got this year. ”

    Swimming pool user and retired accountant, Gertrude Hamlet asked “If they are trying to save 500,000 a year, why are they are taking out a loan of 12 million that will cost them at least 600k in interest alone? By the way, I’m going to play Queen Gertrude in a play soon. And my name is Gertrude. Isn’t that a coincidence?”

    The leader of the council opposition, Mr. Invisible was unavailable to be found never mind comment this morning.’



    Just removed a potentially libelous post – its worth noting that linking to material is *on the whole fine* on here , however copying / reproducing it can create issues for the site and the posters of the material.

    Likewise its worth saying those who post such material on third party websites (not here to be clear!) and do not post it under their own name do seem to shirk responsibility, and in my view , lack confidence in what they write.


    If Waterworld must close why can’t the council look at taking over the old Total Fitness site in Rhosddu and develop that into the towns new leisure centre?
    Surely it would be a cheaper option then building something totally new.


    And once that’s done I think the Waterworld building would make a cracking theatre for the town!



    @Taffy 10846 wrote:

    And once that’s done I think the Waterworld building would make a cracking theatre for the town!

    There has been a few calls for a new arts centre in town – and if rumours that the police may end up in the library building are true then where could that move to?

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