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    @Katia 12066 wrote:

    Is there any way of finding out the name of consultants advising WMBC regarding Plas Madoc / Waterworld and also finding out if the same consultants advised Blaenau Gwent Council to close Nantyglo Sports Centre ?

    Is information available whether WMBC pay any consultancy fees to Isotoro.co.uk ?

    Has anybody queried the opinion of Wrexham Town Centre Manager Isobel Garner on the closure of Nantyglo given her role as an Education Commissioner at Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council ?


    Looking at the link I think they are two different people just the same name?

    Town Centre Manager:

    v pic from the link:




    Thanks Rob that’s cleared that up.
    At least I know what the Town Centre Manager looks like now.

    You may delete my post if you wish.



    Closing the baths seems very short sighted especially as our Wrexham swimming club seems to be doing so well!!



    Rob is correct- case of mistaken identification,they are definitely two different people. The one that you refer to was the Chief Executive in Wrexham prior to Helen Paterson who is the current Chief Executive. The other Isobel Garner used to be Isobel Watson before marrying.
    Hope this clarifies the identity issue. Having said that the Town Centre Isobel and lead officer for Town Centre Forum that she runs should be asked what do they think the impact would be if Waterworld closed. Surely there would be less footfall in the town as a result.
    The consultants who have produced the report are called The Sports Consultancy which is a subsidiary of Capita.



    Thanks for clearing this up for me, its possibly helped others not realising there are two separate Isobel Garners, or it could be just me.

    Now I know where to look I will scan the Town Centre Manager’s twitter account for comment regarding Plas Madoc or Waterworld.

    I found a tweet on Destination Wrexham from Feb 27 replying to a question what brings people to Wrexham referring to ” shoppers, leisure users, library, gallery, museum – and yes Waterworld!, groups regularly come just to see St Giles too.”

    I would be interested to know what impact closing Waterworld our Town Centre Manager feels will have on town shopping, cafes etc.

    Even if its just within 140 characters on twitter.

    Forgive me if I am wrong but we haven’t heard either way.

    Regarding The Sports Consultancy I suppose there is no way of knowing whether any present or former members of WMBC are connected or if so whom.

    Apologies for being quizzical I’m just interested in saving swimming facilities in and around Wrexham and am puzzled how decisions are reached.



    Nothing wrong with being quizzical- I would actually extend the connections beyond the Council Members to include current or former senior management. The Sports Consultancy is part of Capita that has I believe done work for WCBC in the past few years.



    Some say they feel strongly enough about closing facilities it will change the way they vote at the elections.
    To help us do this we need to make sure we find out who is for and who is against. There are articles on Wrexham.com and elsewhere to name councillors, but what would be interesting is to shine a light on who is influencing in other roles, perhaps with anonymity.

    I wonder if when the time comes will most remember Plas Madoc situation or will they forget about everything and just vote along party lines. Which in Wrexham I guess means they will just vote Labour, whatever happens to our leisure facilities.
    It would be good if we could have a single issue vote to let those depending on being voted for realise the strength of feeling about this.
    I have a feeling the same faces will be voted in again regardless.



    Will people vote Labour — the links with the traditional Unions have all but gone- locally people vote for the person who seems the nicest rather than the colour of their party politics. Mire space for independent councilors but that makes them join together to form an Independents party who then can’t all agree so in Wrexham their are now two Political Independent Parties. You may well ask why this has happened and it is all down to the personalities of the individual Councilors and who get’s on with who. If the two parties in Wxm got on they would have mire seats on the Council Exec Board to have balance rather than a Labour, Independent and Conservative coalition– something that is unique in the UK



    Yes the closure threat has come a step closure despite the group who are trying to set up a Trust have put forward proposals that show they can save over £400k in a year. With these type of savings how can the Council be trusted to run ANY of our service. I wonder if the Council Members and Officers will actually speak with this group or will it be too embarrassing for them to find that others outside of the Council can create a Financial Modeling that can achieve cost cutting whilst retaining services at a level unprecedented in Wrexham .



    If the cost savings are right then it would, as you say, be interesting to get the group to have a nose at other WCBC stuff!

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