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    Independent verification — could someone please clarify why the consultants could not put accurate verified information in their report when you would expect the commissioner ie the Council to know the answers- estimates of current usage or income – projections based on national formula rather than current in respect to profits/income that Wrexham use.



    For the simple reason that the information had not been verified by a third party.
    WCBC – commissioner
    Consultants – contractor
    ??? – third party verifier of figures/ details supplied by WCBC.
    Get it now? Hardly rocket science



    @Mrs Crewe 18898 wrote:

    Wrexham is not an isolated case, I think in the next five years, as Leighton Andrews forces through the mergers, more Labour led Councils are going to find themselves in a political and moral upheaval. For Councils who are not majority Labour, it is easier to stand up to the Welsh Govt. If ever there was an example of why party politics should stay out of local govt, this is it.

    BBC News – Six Bridgend councillors suspended over merger vote

    Mrs Crewe-you are in danger of showing your political slip and decieving others.
    Wrexham CBC is not a Labour led council and certainly post September 2014 is in opposition-I should know. What was clear from debate last night is that it is the council itself that is in a political upheaval due to members of all groups feeling they are being ignored.

    Mrs Crewe
    Mrs Crewe

    I have no intention of deceiving any one about my political slip (whatever that is). I was in my youth a right on student thinking that my ideas were brand new and would change the world. But I grew up and started thinking for myself instead of quoting the Marxist drivel being spoon fed by college lecturers.
    I’ve said quite clearly previously that the main problem with the country and especially Wales is they have turned politics into a religion. They follow a party regardless of policy as their family has always voted that way. I could tie a red ribbon to my cat and he would be voted as MP for Wrexham (he would be annoyed but couldn’t do a worse job)
    I have admiration for the 10 members of the Labour Party who resigned because they felt that the Welsh Labour Party were riding rough shod over the people. They put the needs of their wards above blind party loyalty.
    The Welsh Assembly will always by a socialist body, due to the cult following in Wales, and there will be little scrutiny or challenge if the mainly socialist Councils continue to slavishly follow the party line. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, unless more members of the local govt and the population start to challange the Welsh Govt we will completely lose our democratic voice, but that’s what socialism is really all about, they think that we are not capable of making the grown up decisions so they will make them all for us.



    Not really sure were the WG came into the equation for the 10 local Labor Members to resign — the issue was far more local and centered around the funding/closure of Plas Madoc.. those same Councilors have now joined the bigger alliance in control on the Council to carry on closing services.. is this really the heart of the Labor movement.



    @Mrs Crewe 18923 wrote:

    I have admiration for the 10 members of the Labour Party who resigned because they felt that the Welsh Labour Party were riding rough shod over the people. They put the needs of their wards above blind party loyalty.

    One of Llay’s councillor’s resigned from the Labour Party in September. I can honestly say that this councillor has never put the needs of his ward before party loyalty.


    Maureen Gray

    You could be right Mrs Crewe, I think I saw a couple of nuns there the other day!

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