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    Why is it that the Council can change goal posts so rapidly– a few months ago statements were being made about the essential need to demolit Waterworld due to major repairs and yet me now hear there is potentially at least 20 years life. I wonder if they used the same consultants but changed the brief from give us a report that shows Waterworld needs to be closed to one that says the building can survive for 20 years.

    Why the about face — plain and simple what Trust in their right mind would have taken over a building that the Council themselves had said was doomed and needed to be replaced. Now there is no money to replace it the Council are hoping a Trust will come forward because the report has been rewritten to support the pace staying open.

    This is nothing short of blatant manipulation and if it occurred in the private sector the shareholders would be asking for someone’s scalp.

    Who is accountable for this fiasco — The Lead Council Member or the Lead Officer or both–

    Get the Fairy Liquid out and come clean with what you are doing with assets that belong to the Community — the Council are only custodians.


    Good points there Peter, but the main thing here is that this great facility and asset for North Wales just has to be saved, improved and extended. If it goes, it will be gone forever and even if funding is found, then it will not be the same.

    As I am sure most peeps will know, but no decisions good or bad will be taken before May, as its your vote that counts!!



    My or anyone else’s vote will not count in Wrexham as in living memory there has only been one party’s candidate been returned in Wrexham.



    Hopefully, the electorate will realise that change is needed in Wrexham!




    The Monitor

    Let’s face it … the councillors do as the officers say, like mindless bunnies.  The officers suggest commissioning outside “consultants” who make a living out of scaremongering and closing places within set times to obtain further bonus payment.

    There is enough expertise amongst the professional people of Wrexham to accomplish the tasks involved for possibly 20 % or even less of the fees the consultants charge.  Some would maybe give of their time freely, for the community.

    All councillors, whatever there position on the council, should consider first what their electorate would want … screw the recommendations of the officers, who are again specialists and do not have the heart of the populace not perhaps the expertise to take in the full picture.

    Time to change things…. The ball is now in your court councillors of Wrexham!



    I don’t know which Council your post refers to, but it certainly isn’t WCBC.

    Time after time, logical, well reasoned, well presented reports are submitted by Officers to Members for consideration only to be rejected out of hand.

    I have had the misfortune to observe Council meetings  where it has been patently obvious that if a Councillor is against a proposal situate within their Ward, it is a given that other Members present will support their stance irrespective of the benefits to the collective good of Wrexham.

    I am disgusted by the lack of knowledge of the topics under discussion and amazed by the inability of many of the Councillor’s to string two coherent sentences together – and yet these are the very people dictating our present and future. It is also obvious that for many, it is their first taste of a  formal committee setting and that they are clearly out of their depth. It is high time that Councillor’s were required  to display a certain minimum intelligence level – perhaps the ability to tie their own shoelaces would be an appropriate entry point.

    Rather than casting aspersion after aspersion against Officers (who DO have the appropriate ability), start slinging the mud in the direction where it would undoubtedly stick – our esteemed elected representatives, who are more interested in attracting personal kudos and toeing the party line ( and I do include Independents in this) than furthering the case of WCBC.






    You mention that officers have the ability for a number of the people criticise– that may be the case but unfortunately they have to write reports that meet the needs of the relevant Lead Council Member and as you state it is here that the knowledge just does not exist.

    Speak to some of the officers responsible for writing reports and they will tell you that they are not always allowed to put their professional views forward if they are different to the Lead Member. A culture of fear has developed and officers are not permitted to challenge Council Members and certainly have become accustomed to having to bury ‘bad’ news- or more crucially a truthful viewpoint.

    Talk to  officers in the Council and you would be surprised what they would say ‘off the record’.



    I may be naive but I would have thought that council officials are obliged to be politically neutral, just in the way civil servants are. Governments (and councils) come and go but the civil service remains intact. We are not like the USA where they elect everyone from the President to the Dog Catcher. The Civil Service and Council Officials should give advice to the best of their expertise and not be influenced by the demands of their political masters.



    The political masters are also the ultimate paymaster– personal wages is a really good incentive to do what your paymaster wants


    Peter is on the money. The council officers are the professionals who endeavour to do the right thing for the Borough.
    The Councillors are the non professionals who are focused on political manouvering and political gain.
    Council staff take the blame.
    Councillors take the glory.

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