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    @angryShopper 2977 wrote:

    where can I get some of this?

    You’ve dodged the questions…
    They were …

    1. Are you saying that those who go out and effectively save lives whilst you are in the warmth of the pub should not be rewarded?

    2. can you argue your case for something different rather than publish unproven accusations?



    It’s interesting to see how people feel about other people getting over-time just because they are public sector workers. I’m sure if your manager turned around to you and said “Right, I want you to work 10 hours extra this week during the nights” or something of that ilk, you would be demanding some sort of reward for 1) doing extra work, 2) doing it in freezing cold conditions, 3) doing it during the night; baring in mind that you don’t know their work patterns.

    Just food to think about.



    A few posts have been removed from this thread as they were abusive to other posters.

    The forum is for debate, and its encouraged! That can be done without personal insults and swearing :)


    @angryShopper 3007 wrote:

    Hey f*** stick, I was hoping you would work this out for your self, BUT when you said I was “lying” about the gritter drivers being the same as the bin men, I gave you a link to the coucil where you could confirm it, so that’s number 2 sorted you ignorant f***, learn to read, oh whoops your from wrexham, that’ll be a push, maybe get one of your polish mates to help from ur estate, they have better english than most of the locals.

    And an alternatve, so I’ll give it a go… driving a gritter truck, isn’t that dangerous when you consider how much grip / power they have. plus they are very very strong and the drivers [have] trained for conditions (I already told you this, read up, if you can you ignorant f***)

    NOW, we live in a pretty 24hr town, you can get a drink most hours of the day, buy fuel, go to the supermaket, get abused by chavs and ave ur car torched anytime of the day or night, (other than sundays)

    The hours someone works, day or night is irrelevant, I’ve no idea why say for an example asda night workers get more than day (call asda and ask if wish for evidance, I don’t publish my sources) same goes if your job is driving a lorry, be that a lorry for carrng crap, or a lorry for dropping grit, your driving a lorry, following a sat nav (ask wrexham council all vehicles are tracked and must drive their set routes Missing full stop.)

    Danger is implied, if you are working min wage packng food, or min wave packing acid in a factory, you take care not to have an accident,

    Risking their lifes? god what planet are you on ? x

    Well I must say that is slightly abusive with three aggressive F words.

    Addressing each point individually…

    1. Providing proof of accusations. You haven’t provided a link for “the gritter drivers being the same as the bin men.” you only provided a link to this page …WCBC: Environmental Services – Address, Telephone and Email Information and that page does not contain any info on it whatsoever about gritter drivers being the same as the bin drivers. Have to say, if i thought I’d been accused of lying, I would have provided a link to an actual document proving this.

    So you have again dodged the question. As you haven’t provided proof or argued a case for something different.

    2. Usage of the English Language, I’ve quoted your last post above and I’ve quickly marked all your errors in red. I’ve ignored your overuse of commas in a sentence. However, I’m guessing there are probably a few more errors I’ve missed.

    3. Lying – At no point in this thread have I said you are lying, I have just stated you that you published unproven accusations.

    4. Night v day pay – I tell you why those who work in the day usually get less than those who work at night if they are doing the same tasks. This is because law of supply & demand dictates that they get more cash because it is more difficult for those vacancies to get filled.

    5. Risking their lives – I didn’t say risking their lives, I said “effectively save lives whilst you are in the warmth of the pub.” This means they are out saving lives by gritting the roads, not risking their own lives

    6. What planet am I on – Planet Earth. And judging by your use of aggressive swearwords, it seems that I am from a less aggressive part of it than yourself.

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