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    Rex Ham

    The following has been posted on the facebook page of Wrexham History. I hope some one can help the writer in his kind act of rememberance:

    HELP REQUIRED: Dear Mr, Ms, My name is Marcel Boven and I live in The Netherlands. I am working on a website about all the people who were killed during or shortly after Operation Market Garden in september 1944. One of them is Phillip Davies. He was a son of Frank and Constance Clara Davies and lived in Maesydre, Wrexham. His name in mentioned on the Wrexham War Memorial. Do you maybe have some more information about Phillip Davies or could you give some advise about where I could find some more info? I am particulary looking for a picture of him, because there is a war memorial in Mierlo, where Davies died, and there are pictures of all the casualties in Mierlo and only a picture of Davies is missing. Hope to hear from you soon. With kind regards, Marcel Boven War Cemeteries

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