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    Why oh why are volunteers being recruited by Andrew Atkinson and the Town Centre Forum to do the work that Wrexham Council receive funding for in the form of Business Rates. I have never seen anything about Andrew or the TCF challenging WCBC about the filthy state of the town other than the stair well in Peoples Market.
    This is yet another scheme of taking over a problem rather than getting to the core issue which is the Council not doing their job effectively.
    Im sure there must be many more worth while ‘jobs’ volunteers could do if they had time on their hands as there are always groups in the Leader or Wrexham.com appealing for help.
    Come on everyone get the Council to do the job they are supposed to – even as a non business owner I have just received my Rate demand – yes it is up again at a time of reduced services. This Council are being bailed out by do gooders instaed of challenging them and bring them to account for their failings..



    Didn’t you notice that Atkinson’s name is mentioned at least 6 times in the text of the report along with yet another photo opportunity?
    Have you forgotten that the Assembly elections are in the offing?
    I have said it before and I will say it again, just watch how the very public displays of philanthropic activity from ALL the wannabe politicians reduces post election.
    You know what is said……..You can fool some of the people some of the time……I will leave the reader to fill in the rest.



    Happy to see Andrew in Gresford ,where he rents a property at the “Tidy up Sundays” ,which start by the notice board @10.30 am on the first Sunday ,or the Maes-y-pant working party on second Sunday @ 10.0am .

    Warning we are apolitical and tend just to get on with things !



    It seems that volunteers are needed to keep Wrexham bus station clean, according to my wife it was ankle deep in rubbish this morning, there’s a good advert for anyone coming into Wrexham as a visitor.

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    The flower beds around the Halfords shop are clogged with all kinds of rubbish including what looks like part of an old safe. If you walk further along into Yorke Street , opposite St Giles church next to the entrance of Eagles Meadow is a piece of very overgrown ground including an old concrete mixer. Who should keep these areas clean and tidy?


    Yer, yer… and at the front of my house the grass is unkempt and the hedge is all over the place – and me back garden is a mess too!!


    There is a top secret guerilla group long established fighting the forces of approved gardening & cleaning, they surfaced back in 2014 :)

    Guerilla Grass Cutting As Council Refuses Permission To Mow

    (Wrexham.com'er - email us on news@wrexham.com)



    This is yet another scheme of taking over a problem rather than getting to the core issue which is the Council not doing their job effectively.

    Really Dylan; Is that the core issue? Surely the core issue is the need for these specialist clean up teams to exist at all, whoever they are affiliated to.



    KidA – sorry disagree if a business or individual householder is paying rates for certain services then they should get what they pay for. If a supplier does not deliver the quality you pay for then you complain and if necessary ask for a refund.
    Business rates goes to the StreetScene Service if this is not adequate to deal with the issues then that is a separate issue.
    It is very easy for those that do ‘extras’ to find themselves as being the normal ‘workforce’ and let the Local Authority off the hook.
    Fundamentally rates are increasing and services decreasing.



    Yes Dylan. Being a taxpayer myself, I’m aware of the tax paid v service provision equation. I was trying to make the point that whilst Wcbc or tcf provide this service, it’s taking away the impetus to tackle the irresponsible source of the problem.

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