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    I have read the news item regarding the above and I have no sympathy whatsoever for the owner of the vehicle.
    The Smithfield area is inundated with vehicles left by people working in the town on a daily basis causing total disruption to residents who have difficulty (if they can at all) parking anywhere near to their own properties.
    I hope it teaches a salutary lesson and discourages others from following a similar route to save a few pence in parking charges.
    And before anyone points out that if the vehicle is taxed, it can be parked anywhere, spare a thought for those that are constantly inconvenienced.
    And no, I do not live in Smithfield but would be similarly aggrieved if I did.


    I hit a car on the Smithfield the other day but I reckon I got away with it



    Whilst I agree with Benjamin that all day parking in a residential area whilst working is unfair to the residents, I disagree with wanton vandalism of a vehicle. A note on the windscreen should suffice. There is a council car park up the road from Everland chip shop which is very reasonable.



    Unlike ben m I do have sympathy with any car owner who has found their car damaged. It is only an assumption that the damage was caused by a disgruntled resident but could just have easily been a mindless yob with nothing better to do than cause another person misery.

    This type of behaviour points to a worrying lack of respect for other people and property and as Zinger points out, other more civilised remedies are available if it was indeed a resident. This sort of behaviour should be widely condemned and if I was the idiot who caused this damage, reading Benjamin’s post would seem to justify my actions.



    “Owner of the vehicle, Dan told he hopes that warning people of the damage caused to his vehicle will mean that it won’t happen to others. ”

    Are we to assume the car owner is warning other motorists not to leave their car outside somebody’s home all day whilst at work ?

    Looking at the google street view of Oxford Street it appears there are few spaces if any not directly in front of a house, certainly not at the Barons Road end, possibly a space or two in front of the double yellows at Smithfield Road end, opposite Wrexham Building Plastics.

    We have to separate theory from practice – in theory yes you can park on a residential street where permitted, even if it means the homeowner is inconvenienced – or disgruntled. In practice it may be wiser not to do so.
    Work often takes me to Liverpool – and it is a well observed rule never to leave your car in a residential street unless expecting keyed paintwork, anti-freeze splashes, bricked windows or slashed tyres. Leaving a note on the windscreen isn’t the norm.

    Its amazing how people will leave a shiny red 14 plate Audi A3 in the parking bay near Topps Tiles in Rivulet Road all day rather than pay at the car parks. I once pointed out to the two women that were doing so that a lot of people have their windows smashed there ( happened to my aunty ) and to observe the broken glass on the ground as evidence. They took no notice.

    At least Dan Renault can take comfort from not having left it overnight to be set on fire.



    So Benjamin do you also have ‘no sympathy whatsoever’ for people who buy a house in Smithfield knowing that there’s a very good chance someone may park in front of it? What about those who have their cars keyed whilst parked in public car parks, any sympathy for those? or as the terms and conditions of that car park probably states somewhere that the vehicle is left at the owners own risk is that just basically hard luck?

    You often seem to prattle on about people writing nonsense on this forum and then post this which would appear to be precisely that. Vandalism is vandalism is vandalism and keying cars is not acceptable regardless of where the owner may have decided to have left it, is it not?



    By your very first sentence, you have confirmed my opinion when you attempt to compare whether I have sympathy with householders to my lack of sympathy for the person whose vehicle was damaged. That is akin to comparing apples with oranges. Of course I have sympathy with the residents whose day to day lifestyle is violated by inconsiderate cheapskates.
    The problem may not be apparent to you in your suburban gated mansion, but to the residents of streets and roads close to the town centre, it is an everyday occurrence that is bound to test the patience and tolerance levels of even the most mild mannered.
    Notwithstanding, I do not condone vandalism in any shape or form whether it is on a roadway or car park, but neither do I condone the selfishness of the commuter or shopper who fails to take into consideration the needs of the the local inhabitants of an area.
    At no point did I apportion blame on any of the residents for the damage caused to the vehicle (although some may consider it was implied) as we have all read of the vehicles damaged, cars set on fire etc in this very locality, by wanton vandalism, late at night, at club kicking out time.
    I repeat, so there is no misconception, I have no sympathy with the injured party.



    It’s awful to say but I bet lots of people who previously parked in Smithfield will think twice now. I don’t condone the vandalism but as someone who lives near the football ground it is easy to understand how someone would get fed up of not being able to park in front of their own home.

    The residential streets close to the racecourse ground get full up on match days by both away and home supporters who don’t want to pay a couple of pounds to park. I bet if a few of their cars started to get keyed then the amount of people choosing to park there would stop. Again I don’t condone it but the police don’t do anything to sort it out.




    FWIW Benjamin I do sometimes venture from outside my ‘suburban gated mansion’, one of these ventures is to visit relatives that live in the Smithfield area (Bertie Road). On the occasions that I visit them more often than not there is indeed a vehicle parked on the roadside in front of their home, yes it can be of annoyance but the last time I checked they do not own this piece of tarmac nor do they have any right to dictate who can and cannot park on it. If some scrote keyed my car while I was parked when visiting them (which can very often be in front of someone else’s home if there is no space available outside theirs) then I would feel most aggrieved.



    I agree with Metalhead here. Very few houses have room for more than one or at most two cars to be parked in front of them unless they have a drive. Visitors or people who are in the area for short length business purposes can’t be expected to look for car parks.

    Fortunately for janeywxm the football and rugby is only for a couple of hours and times are well advertised.

    It must be more frustrating for people where there are cars parked all day. On the other hand if there is a space at 9am it could be that the occupant is working and parking elsewhere perhaps in front of someone else’s house.

    Free car parks may be an answer.

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