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    I was able to find out exactly where my sister would go to get her vaccine by inputting her postcode into a UK Government website whereas I haven’t the first idea where a nonagenarian in Wrexham, North Wales would go for their vaccine. The only places I have heard may be used was Plas Madoc Leisure Centre & maybe the University.

    Why are the Welsh Government so secretive?



    I doubt very much whether has anything to do with secrecy but it does raise the question why the hell do you need to know right now?
    It has been made abundantly clear that candidates will be notified directly when and where their vaccination will be administered and I am sure that notification will be timely.
    It really hacks me off that certain contributors on these forums (and I could name them) take great delight in highlighting perceived shortfalls in the Welsh Government’s approach and never miss a trick to highlight their particular grouse.
    We will all get the vaccination if we choose – when it’s our turn and not before, after all, putting on your hat, coat and mask isn’t too onerous a task is it?

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    Born Acorn

    It really hacks me off that certain contributors on these forums (and I could name them) take great delight in highlighting perceived shortfalls in the Welsh Government’s approach and never miss a trick to highlight their particular grouse.

    Well yes, but I get a lovely warm feeling of schadenfreude when BoJo does exactly the same thing two weeks later.

    Just a shame it kills people.



    Benjamin fully agree with your sentiment – the scale of the rollout will be massive and takes time to become operational. There are also many people griping that they have not had a letter yet with their appointment on – how on earth could the WG or Health sent appointments out when the supply availability has not yet been fully determined- it would have been a total waste to have sent letters with no guarantee.
    People need to stop being so impatient we have waited 9 months another month or two will not be an issue provided people stick to guidelines for staying safe.



    The Welsh government may not be perfect, but I feel much safer living in Wales under Drakeford and co than I would in England under ‘Britain’s Trump.’

    What was it that his star adviser had to say on handling this pandemic?

    “Herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad.’

    Who else was a star adviser on No 10’s staff? Andrew Sabisky, a known eugenist.

    So no, I won’t be shaking a fist at the WAG because they didn’t arrange for a vaccine to sweep down on targeted homes by magic carpet.



    Not an easy thing to plan etc. the only thing I know is that an Aunty of mine who lives in Cheshire who is 81 had her jab just before christmas, where as my mother who is almost 90 who lives in Wrexham has heard nothing.

    There has been talk about 24 hour vaccinations, but I would guess that would be a logistical nightmare to set up, as for a start three shifts of different people would have to be sourced.

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    I had my injection 5th January at my doctors surgery in Wrexham. I am over 80. No problem.



    Thanks Jimbow. That is what I had hoped to find out.



    Congratulations Jimbow – glad to hear and as a mere 70+ I might be in the third wave – hopefully soon.
    As a matter of interest are you aware if it was the Phizer or the Astra-Zeneca vaccine? If the former are you on track to have the second jab in about three weeks? That after all is the basis that vaccine was tested and approved on for effectiveness and I am fearful “ political intervention “ may imperil effectiveness on the anvil of the numbers game .



    It was the Astra Zeneca vaccine. I was given a card with the Batch No on it and was told to take it with me on my next appointment, but no date was given. I was led to believe that the vaccine was delivered to some GP surgeries in Wrexham on Tuesday afternoon.

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