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    Council Watcher

    Count the empty stall or late openers and early closing gives a good enough idea- closure rate by Christmas will be 25% plus with offers to charities to take on space to make it look full



    Council Watcher— Offers to charities to take on space at probably rent free, at the expense of losing traders paying high rents.



    Kick them all out, they have 3 other markets in Wrexham they can use. Ty Pawb should just be for art, not all this knitting and sticker swapping that can be done in a community centre. If anything the stalls make the place look cheap and tacky. I understand the whole ‘they were in the market first’ debate. When Woolworths became a Chinese you weren’t able to get pick n mix anymore, the times they are a changing. would of made more sense to of had techniquest share with Ty Pawb and turn the whole place into a interesting space for visitors.



    would of made more sense to of had techniquest share with Ty Pawb and turn the whole place into a interesting space for visitors.”

    Would of? would of??? Dear dear :)

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    Council Watcher

    The Wrexham Leader have an article today about the traders now coming together and sending a collective view to the Leader of the Council highlighting Health and Safety issues and unfinished stalls etc.
    If what the traders are saying and I don’t doubt them as I have spoken to some and been shown the unfinished work this is not a good position for the Council or stall holders. The reduction of hours is a complete nonsense – certainly for the coffee and food outlets that could capture early or late afternoon trade.

    The Council response about more activities – is that really true, there was a report of a good comedy night – that is fantastic but why wait from September to December to plan the next one. There is just no momentum behind those in charge.

    The removal of the exhibition due to water leakage was reported — no dates have been released when the repairs will be completed or the next exhibition will arrive.

    Looking at the current reports of non-payment of rents then ratepayers of Wrexham are putting in £2 – £3,000 a week extra on top of the original budget weekly subsidy of £3,000 without looking at the massive drop in car park income and the loss of the Police aerial mast. The combined loss that ratepayers are having to pay must now surely be in the region of £10,000 upwards. This is enough to pay for 1,000 hours of extra Homecare; doubled the size of the school music service that has been cut, 15 extra teachers.

    How long can the gross mismanaging of this project be allowed to continue?



    Never more was a saying more apt than “I told You So” than the shambles that is Ty Pawb

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    no1 like’s grammer Nazis dnt b dat guy, dis a forum nt a essay righting comp (sic)


    Council Watcher

    Any bailifs seen at 5.00pm today to evict the stalls that have not signed contracts


    Liz Jackson

    No bailiffs but the Community Choir that meets in Ty Pawb to rehearse have been asked to learn the chorus of “We shall not be moved”

    Next will be stallholders barrackaing themselves behind the shutters on their stalls – perhaps Kingdom have a bailiffs section the Council will call in.


    Hugh Bet

    It is what it is i am afraid

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