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    Using today as a comparator for what Ty Pawb will be like on a ‘normal’ day is completely wrong — have a look in their after the children are back in school- this will be what the traders have to contend with 39 weeks of the year (the majority of their trading year). If they cant get these weeks to be profitable then their chance of survival will be limited.

    I wonder when the Council will start looking to reduce the rent to keep the current businesses on site. There have already been real variations given to the different businesses who have similar footfall.

    Getting people through the door the first time is one of the easiest things for any business – have special attractions, freebies etc. Getting people back is dependent on the first offer and impressions- clearly, today might not have done that- in particular, the lack of a programme of forthcoming events to act as a teaser is a very poor failing.

    It also looks like Nigel Lewis has now become the Chief Reporter and Marketing Officer for Ty Pawb and other Council events — without him sharing his ‘wisdom’ and films along with Wrexham.com we would all be in the dark- the Council Social Media presence has been very, very limited today



    I’d love to see Wrexham busy and buzzing again. Any money spent improving the town is most welcome. Sadly Ty Pawb is difficult for me to see as an improvement. I found it rather unwelcoming and depressing. Bare breeze block, ply wood, the shops looked more like cages. I thought it was going to be vibrant and inviting but to me it was dull, unfinished and in desperate need of a coat of paint. I spoke to a few people there and most had the same opinion. Hard to see where all that money was spent. I doubt I will go there again.



    Found this video online which more or less shows the parade.



    Our quick vid up now on http://www.wrexham.com/news/video-ty-pawb-now-open-after-everybodys-monday-parade-what-did-you-make-of-it-147125.html

    or Youtube direct:

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    Liz Jackson

    Looking at the Tim Pugh Twitter picture on Wrexham.com of the ‘?????’ rubsish on the floor and the sweeping brush maybe the Council should employ him instead of Kingdon and Street Scene to keep the streets of Wrexham clean. He could do the job and it could be badged as Street Entertainment. Perhaps sweeping the pavements with the rubbish towards Ty Pawb and then he could make a mound that people will be told is ‘art’.



    After visiting this evening I thought I should report on my findings. I went with an open mind and wished it to be a nice pleasant evening.
    I arrived just after 7 to watch the group that were on the main stage. I entered off Che@@@er Street and could see NO signs where to go.??? I ambled around and witnessed a lot of breeze blocks, metal caged fencing and plywood everywhere.
    I stumbled on a bar which was selling drinks into PLASTIC glasses certainly not environmentally friendly….did they expect a football crowd….All I could see were nice pleasant family types…. I suppose there was no chance to wash glasses. So let’s just pollute the environment with more plastic.
    As to the main stage area…it was hardly bigger than my front room with just one way in and out. No seats at the back for anyone to sit on etc. I had my 9 year old with me and she had to stand for the whole set and was struggling to see anything. Family friendly they said?? As for the space…its way too small and should have more than one entry and exit door?? Who designed this place? Music was good yet when I needed the toilet I found that their were no signs anywhere to be seen. Even when in the gents I found the cubicles with an out of order sign. Hence, I had to wriggle over to the 7 stars for a proper job. Why when thousands/millions were spent were gents toilets not properly open??
    Moving forwards how will there be enough trade to keep the place going long term. 4.5 million is an absolute joke. Heads should roll but what do I know!



    Thanks Alun, I think they should take heed of what you have to say both positive or negative seeing how long you have been trading in the town – you’ve seen it all come and go. From what I’ve read in terms of what you have had to say about Ty Pawb and the town markets in general is constructive & objective. It’s ultimately the case that increased footfall from Ty Pawb, Techniquest & other new projects in town will benefit all other retailers, so they should be wanting to work with other local traders to set-up some kind of cross-promotional goodwill and not against them.

    You get the impression that they are very scared of failure after the level of investment and there’s too much at stake for anything to go wrong, otherwise attitudes wouldn’t be quite so snappy against critics.

    Another few interesting points for the day were that:

    i) Just Desserts were unable to open and lost a major day’s trading due to the unit not being plumbed in yet. I mean really? They’ve known the launch date for several months now & plumbing is a vital infrastructure activity.

    ii) The Ty Pawb website is not up and ready yet. So people were complaining that there’s no list of stalls/vendors anywhere to find out what’s actually in there and also no list of special events/upcoming activities. Both of these things would actually draw people. It’s not bloody hard to knock up a website – I’d be able to do a pretty decent one for them in a few days & probably at significantly less cost than what they are probably being charged at the moment for something not even ready on launch – Epic Fail!

    iii) Wrexham Lager the Town’s famous pride and flagship drink was forced to have a stand outside in the rain rather than in the venue itself. What? Why? Did Alex Jones have exclusive alcohol rights indoors or something?

    iv) Apparently nobody was really aware (poorly circulated) that there was free parking at the car park at Ty Pawb until someone made an announcement online mid afternoon. A few annoyed people had paid for parking elsewhere to visit.

    v) Apparently the fireworks were so loud that a number of pet owners in town complained that their animals were hugely distressed. I’m not anti-fireworks but with the publicity trainwreck so far alienating another set of people seems like a bad move. People can just about cope with them being set off twice a year on Bonfire night and new year.

    The postmortem of this whole thing is mad. I have just been going round reading and gathering stories of people’s stories & there’s an unusually large number of negative issues coming out.

    My actual expectation last week was that I’ve got this whole Ty Pawb thing massively wrong and there’d be overwhelming positive, public response on the big launch day.



    Not attended as yet, but was wondering why the web site is as yet not up and running. I was wanting to enquire if Ty Pawb, was dog friendly. I do recall seeing some early promotional graphics that depicted a lady strolling though the hub with a dog in tow. I will reserve judgement, but who on earth thought untreated plywood boards and breeze blocks would look cool for more than a month tops …


    I believe it is dog friendly, as there were a few very friendly dogs there yesterday :)

    https://www.typawb.wales/ has changed back to a holding page, but https://www.typawb.cymru/ is still on the old site currently.

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    Owain Glyndwr
    Owain Glyndwr

    Our quick vid up now on http://www.wrexham.com/news/video-ty-pawb-now-open-after-everybodys-monday-parade-what-did-you-make-of-it-147125.html

    or Youtube direct:

    <iframe width=”500″ height=”281″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/s8ivo5wLsWg?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen=””></iframe>

    Was that the Grim Reaper following the parade????

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