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    Is the income from Car Park a net figure or are there expenses that have not been included- if Ty Pawb get the income who is going to pay for lighting, maintenance, cost of cash collections etc.? Is this another hidden expenditure in another budget line within the Council?

    Security is down from £139k to £29k – does this mean that the Town Centre Wardens etc. are now patrolling Ty Pawb- what about evening events is there no security guards on duty.

    The cleaning contract has gone to the Councils own internal arm’s length cleaning company – was this let on a competitive basis or automatically taken in house- are there any conflicts of interest between Council Members or Senior Managers and Directors of the Cleaning Company?

    Food and drink £17,500 — this must be assumed to be team and coffee at meetings etc. — that’s an awful lot of drinks-

    There are no expenditure lines for purchase for food, drink shop supplies — are all income figures net – if so what level of profits are generated that would be taxable- no reference in expenditure for tax payments

    There is a £110k reduction in overheads yet there is now a Rates bill of £80k that had been assumed in the original Business Plan would not be paid if run by a community group.



    Footfall included the 10,000 people who were there on the opening day , not a figure likely to be achieved again. Can’t see any expenditure figures for wages , utilities etc.


    On a couple of points above before I keep refreshing Sam Ricketts news…

    Can’t see any expenditure figures for wages , utilities etc.

    Staffing is listed bottom left of http://moderngov.wrexham.gov.uk/documents/s13504/Appendix%201.pdf

    Perm staff £258k and variable £30k – down roughly £40k from consultants business plan as posts not recruited until into the summer.

    As an aside, it appears the capital funding was there for the centre but not full revenue to hire prior to opening with some key roles hired afterwards. Councillors are using the word ‘wobble’ at the start, so could be a link between not having all the staff in place, and the er, jiggle.

    Food and drink £17,500 — this must be assumed to be team and coffee at meetings etc. — that’s an awful lot of drinks

    The 17,500£ for food and beverage is under the income line, rather than buying in catering for staff. Off the top of my head the initial biz plan had the council potentially running a cafe in there, but that did not happen for whatever reason.

    I am told one high end coffee machine specced and acquired by WCBC ready for their coffee shop was dormant due to that change, but has now been put into use.

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    If all the income is actually net then what are the profit margins. Tea and coffee 100% margin so equates ti £35k plus in sales.

    Where are the lease costs for the catering equipment, office photocopier, computers etc. Are these payments going through central Council cost budget lines and then moaned to Ty Pawn to help remove expenditure items.

    The original Business Plan referred to income generation from Ty Pawn activity yet very little is coming from this as most activities are run by others and only paying room rental.

    They have played down the rent witholding by the stall holders and not referenced how many have left. Is it true that the Wreham FC stall has been given free plus the other charity stall.

    What happened to the Advisory Group, can’t see any reference so presume they had no takers when advertised?

    To get a true picture a report from the traders should have been included as that would help to understand the bigger picture.

    Can Wrexham.com get any form of comment from traders perspective?


    The PDF is the snippet on substantive changes to the plan that is before councillors next week – the original plan with more detail is here: https://moderngov.wrexham.gov.uk/documents/s4153/Appendix%201.pdf

    Bear in mind the Scrutiny Committee is looking at the information and I am sure they are often in the town centre and speak to many traders to keep a finger on the pulse of whats what.

    Our report notes the Advisory Board – and hopefully the assurances about their work being made public will happen so minutes/agendas can be referenced.

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    Derek Jackson– Another thing of note is the bar. This was privately run when Ty Pawb opened but has since been taken over by the Council. Are the Council paying Rent or is this another give away stall?



    Hadn’t seen the Council to run the bar. I know it was quite a while ago but their experience at the Memorial Hall, plas Madoc Leisure Centre, Plas Madoc Community Centre and other locations show they had no idea. Let’s hope the new people have more skills.



    What I cannot understand is how many stalls are there in Ty Pawb.?
    There were originally going to be 20 stalls. I now read there was a 100% occupancy of Phase 1 on opening day. How many stalls were in Phase 1? On 1st July 66.7% of Phase 2 were let. Here again how many stalls in Phase 2? On 1st October 63.6 % of all stalls are let and on 15th October 86.4% of all stalls are let. I never knew or have seen reference made to 2 Phases of the Ty Pawb stall build before. Where has this come from?
    The current occupation is listed as Island 8/9 occupied, Perimeter 8/8 occupied and Food 3/5 occupied. A total of 22 stalls. What is the correct number, and have stalls been divided between two tenants to create extra stalls?



    Trying to establish a bit more detail on the expenditure by going on the Councils web site section that is supposed to list all payments over £500- guess what with the exception of one small payment marked Ty Pawb car park there is not a single transaction listed-

    The preamble to the link reads –
    Wrexham Council Payments over £500
    This page contains reports of individual payments to suppliers with a value over £500 made since April 2010. Publication of these reports forms part of the Council’s commitment to be open and transparent with its residents.

    In some circumstances we are unable to give full details of payments. Names of payment beneficiaries that might reveal sensitive personal information about individuals or children in the Council’s care have been removed (Redacted Personal Data). We intend to extract the data quarterly from our financial management system.

    The obvious question is “Why are transactions not listed?” – Who is controlling this information and preventing it getting into the Public Domain. It would appear that there are two Lead Members overseeing this project- Cllr Hugh Jones as Lead Member for Communities which Ty Pawb falls within and Cllr Mark Pritchard as Lead Member for Finance. Surely this requires them to make a formal statement about missing information and lack of transparency which will drive the conspiracy theory even further about what is being hidden from the Rate Payers of Wrexham.
    It took the Council two years last time to come clean about Sprouts and the fincial issues of incorrect information and now there seems to be a repeat.
    Ratepayers of Wrexham deserve to know the answers now before the budget is signed off for next year.
    This has been sent direct to the two Lead Members and Chief executive to seek clarification.



    How much did Wrexham Council pay the consultants for the Fourth Street Report?

    This document was obviously paramount in the decision to give Ty Pawb the go ahead.
    We now see the figures from that report being slashed by the Council in order to paint a healthier picture,than could have been the case.
    The remarks from the Council on the report going to Scrutiny next week include.
    A very ambitious target.
    Assumptions in the Fourth Street Report business plan revised.
    Reduced marketing & communications 35k.
    Reduced general maintenance & security 110k
    Reduced support services 20k.
    In total reduced costs of 165k.
    Goodness me,is there nobody in WCBC capable, that could have saved the expense of the Fourth Street Report given the changes in figures made by the Council.
    CEO get the broom out.

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