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    Council Watcher

    Jimbow you are starting to paint the picture of the financial meltdown – few more things that have not happened —
    £15k rent for the ariels for the Polie when they close the tower
    No allocation of rent reduction or ‘sweetener’ to get the stalls occupied
    No costing for the Doormen that are required for functions in the evening when the bar is open
    Cleaning staff at present double original due to cleaning up after workmen
    Costs of the utilities are under spec due to high consumption commercial catering items
    Businesses having to pay full rates within their rent as Small Busines Rate relief does not apply
    A level of compensation to business that occupied from day one when everything was not fully functioning and they have had lost sales revenue. – They are looking to apply for rent rebate already.
    Lack of WiFi for business to use credit card machines etc — leaving them with a much smaller spend per customer than originally expected.

    Where the Council is gaining is funding for a marketing officer from the Arts Council is being appointed to cover Ty Pwb, Museum, Library and other locations.

    These points are just purely the commercial hit that the Council and Busines are facing before even looking at the activity that will be arranged to try and get the football- at present, the pace feels like a large hanger full of air but no atmosphere.



    Why no business rates relief for stall holders? A small shop would attract business rates relief. Is any part of the building registered as a charity? Just wondering if the Community aspect would have some sort of charity status in order to attract grant funding.



    If these financial issues and shortcomings have been made well aware in the public domain, does that mean the council plan to launch a Plan B budget that will address these shortfalls and come up with strategies to meet funding gaps? Or are we all to just sit here and watch things fail like a train crash in slow motion? With councillors in the driving seat unable to avert disaster and businesses helpless passengers resigned to their fate. Almost open 1 month now. Happy days.



    Wrexview- slight amendment to the previous post re rates- Ty Pawb is still not listed by the Valuation Office – and it looks like the Council used to rate each stall but that does not now seem to be the message given to the new stallholders- best if one of the stall holders looks on their rental/lease agreement.

    What is still listed is that the rateable value for the Car Park is £68,000 = equal to approx £36k of actual rates.Based on the originally budgeted income from the car park it looks like the figures shown are actual income and not net figures. If this is the case another black hole has been found.

    Regarding the Charity, you may have remembered that the intention was to run Ty Pawb a Trust but has not now been possible. The Council wanted people for an Advisory Group but nothing seems to have happened.



    Peterthewatcher—The 3 Wrexham Indoor Markets were all run under the same agreement for rates payable. The system for the Butchers Market being the rates for that building were in 2011/12 £14,315, this was divided between all the stallholders on a ratio of occupied stall floor space over total lettable market floor space. This was then recharged through the Service Charge.

    For the year 2012/13 and previous years, WCBC used a firm from either Cardiff or Swansea called Cooke and Arkwright to look after rates on behalf of the Council. Payment for said services was a % of the savings made.

    They came up with the idea of charging for rates by each individual stall, this enabled the stalls to be zero rated and therefore from 2013/14 up to the present 2018/19 the Butchers Market tenants have only paid around £800 per year rates between all stalls.

    The Butchers and General Market to the best of my knowledge are still on these same contracts. However, Ty Pawb as you say, tenants will have to look at their tenancy agreements.



    The impact of Business Rates on small businesses has been well documented. The stall holders will no doubt by fully aware and be hoping the Valuation Office assess each stall individually, the Council with access to its own legal department could be very helpful in establishing this. Until the Arts area is set up as a Trust (charity status) then full rates will apply presumably.



    The following information is from an FOI to Wrexham Council about Ty Pawb. Interesting that they state that there is a Unit unallocated yet further up the thread a potential user has been told there is only a catering unit vacancy yet here it has been stated there is another unallocated.

    Date: 30/04/2018
    Response/Digest FOI: 8063
    Wrexham County Borough Council does hold the information requested.
    Tŷ Pawb Opening Days Costs
     Could you please provide a copy of the budget for the opening days of Ty
    Pawb, split between pre-event activities and the actual cost on the day for the
    VIP opening and the Public event on 2nd April.
     As the building is not up to standard for disabled people please provide a
    copy of the Access Statement and design specifications for compliance with
    the Disability Discrimination Act and when will all necessary works be
     Provide a list of the Advisory Board Members.
     Provide a copy of the anticipated budgeted rental income as per the
    development stage and the revised budget now that the commercial units are
    being let.
     Provide a breakdown of the actual number of units open for the opening dayhow
    many are now let and how many are still to be let.
    The total Budget for Dydd Llun Pawb (to cover pre-event and event activities) was
    £43,000. This was funded by Arts Council for Wales grant. In addition to this £4,002
    expenditure was incurred by Wrexham County Borough Council – £2,200 specifically
    in respect of the VIP opening day and £765 specifically in respect of the public event.
    The remaining £1,037 related to costs incurred to cover both events.
    Please find attached the access statement for the project development. As the
    building is now open, this is due to be reviewed and assessed regularly.
    Expressions of interest were received for all posts. Initial interviews took place with 2
    posts being filled. Further interviews are scheduled and all posts should be filled
    within the next month.
    Please note that where information is subject to copyright belonging to the Council, you will need to
    obtain the permission of the Council to re-use it for purposes other than private study or noncommercial
    research. The Council may charge for re-use. Where third party copyright material is
    disclosed, you must obtain permission to re-use from the copyright holders concerned.

    As per the Business Plan, the budgeted rental income in year 1 is £138k. Based on
    the current occupation level (and assuming that they remain in occupation for the
    remainder of the year) the forecast rental income in year 1 is £141k.
    For opening day we had 16 units open. We have 19 units let, 1 unit currently under
    offer and 2 units still available. These figures class food court as units as well.


    Interesting detail Carol. I wonder how the budgeted Rental Income and the expected rental Incomes compare with the same Incomes immediately before the closure of the Market some 17-18 months ago and (say) a couple of years ago. I’m also wondering whether the figures provided exclude or include the units in the South Arcade and other. The figures seem very low when compared to the figures that I’m assuming were noted several years ago. I’m guessing that the resident figures man, Jimbow, might provide some interesting facts. When I was in the South Arcade, my single unit was let at a rent of £760.00 a month (£9120.00 per annum) and it would only need some 15-16 lots of my old rent to hit the current expected rental return. Interesting


    Council Watcher

    The response states that two people have been appointed to the Advisory Board – if this is the case I’m very surprised that the Wrexham Jungle Drums (and Wrexham.com) have not as yet put names into the public arena. Have they had to sign the “Official Secrets Act” not to divulge their identity?

    Does anyone know how many units actually exist including the South Arcade? Regarding the Alunh comment about rental income being low- it has been stated on the thread about the reduced rents and phased payments to try and get full occupancy. The FOI response looks accurate to the question but is also very selective in terms of explanation.



    Below is a copy of the Access Statement reslesed by the Council as part of the FOI

    This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.
    Access Statement for Oriel Wrecsam/People’s Market
    Oriel Wrecsam/People’s Market is situated in Wrexham town centre. It is on a pedestrianised street on the east side; on a busy road leading to the integral multi-storey car park on the west, with a surface level car park to the south and a road to the north. The car parks have designated disabled space at no charge (free). The area is reasonably flat with a gradual approach. There are a number of entrances from each side of the building and all are flat with automatic doors. There will be two galleries with touring and local exhibitions on display showing both 2D and 3D artwork. There is a performance space with a mobile space and temporary (Blecher) seating with equipment for film, a mobile stage and a sprung floor for dance performance. There is a market hall and retail shops and a small flexible performance space in the market hall for temporary specialist markets and for small performances such as dance or story-telling. There is a food court with three different serving stalls with seating in a communal area so that visitors can sit together. There is an education and learning suite on the first floor. Access to this area is by swipe card with lift access. There is a gallery shop with a reception area which is staffed and where you can get assistance.
    We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01978 292140 or email @wrexham.gov.uk">oriel.wrecsam@wrexham.gov.uk.
    • For full details and maps of how to reach Oriel Wrecsam/People’s Market please see out website. Alternatively you can plan your journey by car or public transport using a journey planning website; enter your own post code and ours, which is LL13 8BB to get directions.
    • The nearest railway station is Wrexham General which is 0.75 miles away (a 15 – 20 minute walk). Taxis area available at the station. If you require an accessible taxi, you can book this in advance. See contact information for details.
    • The nearest bus stop is directly outside the main entrance. You may need to change at Wrexham bus station in which case you should ask for Market Street bus stop. The bus station is about 0.5 miles away (a 10 – 15 minute walk). There are accessible taxis at the rank immediately opposite the bus station on King Street. The bus stop on Market Street has a shelter and a seat. All buses are able to take a wheelchair. Shopmobility has an office and equipment available to hire at the bus station.
    • There is a bike rack immediately outside the building on Market Street.
    Car Parking and Arrival
    • There is a Pay and Display multi-storey car park which is part of the facility. There are marked Blue Badge parking spaces which can directly access the lifts to and from the facility itself. Parking is at no charge (free) to Blue Badge holders.
    • There is a Pay and Display surface level car park just off market street to the south of the building. Car parking is free to Blue Badge holders and there are designated spaces which are adjacent to a ramp leading into the building.
    • All doors into the building are automatic.
    Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area
    • The main entrance is situated on the ground floor on Market Street. The entrance is step free with level access throughout the ground floor.
    • There is seating throughout the facility.
    • The floor is level throughout.
    • The area is well lit with overhead lighting.
    • There is a lowered section at the welcome/reception desk.
    • There is a hearing loop system throughout the building.
    • The welcome/reception desk is staffed and you can get help and information here.
    • Wheelchairs can be loaned from Shopmobility which is based at Wrexham Bus Station.
    Public Toilets
    • Toilets are located on the ground floor with level access from the main entrance and the food court.
    • The toilets are opposite the welcome/reception desk.
    • There is a fully accessible Changing Rooms toilet with disabled toilet, a hoist, a changing bench and washing facilities.
    • There is a food court situated on the ground floor. There is step free level access throughout the ground floor and lift access to the learning and education area which is also step free.
    • Tables in the food court are of a trestle type and there is a variety of seating types including benches and chairs with and without arms. The seating is not fixed and can be moved to enable wheelchair access if required.
    • There is lighting directly over the tables and natural light from a large picture window to the south of the area.
    • There are three food service areas. The food service is from the service area counter but staff will be able to assist. The food providers will be encouraged to provide dietary information relating to food allergies and intolerances.
    • The toilets are near to the food court and there is step free access.
    • There are a number of shops and market stalls within the facility. The art shop can be accessed directly from the main entrance and the welcome/reception area. The doors are kept open when the shop is open. The shop sells souvenirs and gifts.
    • A low level counter is provided.
    • There is room for wheelchair access.
    • The other shops and market stalls are all situated within the ground floor area and can be accessed easily. There is ample room for a wheelchair to manoeuvre and turn between the stalls in the market hall.
    • Staff will be able and willing to help.
    Contact Information
    Address (Inc postcode):
    Oriel Wrecsam/People’s Market Chester Street Wrexham LL13 8BG (car park for sat nav is LL13 8BB)
    01978 292140
    Local Equipment Hire:
    Shopmobility, Wrexham Bus Station 01978 292028, LL11 1LE
    Local Accessible Taxi:
    Wrexham & Prestige Cars 01978 357777
    Local Public Transport:
    Arriva D Jones and Son Pat’s Coaches Townlynx Travel information from http://www.wrexham.gov.uk or Traveline Cymru 0800 464 0000 http://www.traveline.cymru

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