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    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    The headline “Hundreds flock to Wrexham Open’s first night at Undegun and Tŷ Pawb”should momentarily silence those who pour scorn on the so called Tŷ Pawb white elephant.

    Jo Marsh, Creative Director at Tŷ Pawb, said: “We counted close to 300 people at Tŷ Pawb and there may well have been more who joined us at Undegun.”

    Cllr Hugh Jones, said: “I’m delighted that that we’ve been able to put on such a hugely successful event to celebrate our local art scene.”

    Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

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    No. From what I’ve heard about what happened to some of the traders who quit Ty Pawb, I’d say the place was quite far from a success and a major cause for concern. The contract debacle and subsequent treatment of those trying to make a living there can only show the utter shambolic nature of the entire venture. Several months of shame vs one so-so arts night that brought in very little revenue. It’s just councillors hanging out soundbites as usual.

    With news of the further cuts and council tax hikes directly affecting front line services – the initial council revenue and any subsequent ratepayer revenue put into the project can only be described as disgraceful. Funding for schools, social care and waste collections services? When we hear children aged just 4-11 will not be served a school dinner and be forced to go hungry at school if their parents build up any school dinner debts is ‘difficult to swallow’. When the council are throwing cash about so the likes of Clr Hugh Jones can hobnob with the local finery ‘celebrating art’. Sounds a lot like the situation with the French Revolution.



    Yes. The contracts has been from bean to cup a f*ck up, however less than half of the traders actively try to get customers through the door. Its 2018 and for some reason its still seems to be acceptable to either close half day or full day on Wednesday and absolutely nothing and I mean zero attempt on a Sunday to open. There are people around who do come on those days and are often found to leave. Literally no on sells food or drink on Sunday now and often things like the welsh classes, table top sale and I’ve heard theirs a chess club sometimes too do attract people but no one is open.

    There has been a constant negative attitude often proliferates from the councilors themselves about Ty Pawb, everyone’s got an idea what to do but no one has the back bone to do anything. Wrexham council are so bad with their decision making process plans often fall apart because they take so long to come to a decision. Managing should be in the hands of the people who run it to bring it full potential to bare for the town.

    I and many others will continue to support it by actually turning up and not being an armchair voice of descent because I know its better to have it than another empty pound shop.



    It’s quite easy to criticise the traders for being not being active all hours. However, some of them have actually seen their lives impacted on detrimentally – perhaps from a health point of view. Others have to seek additional work to support their families so they don’t starve and keep a roof on their heads and cannot afford to pay staff wages to cover that time when they are not present.

    When the actual centre management are not properly supporting these traders and the centre’s facilities (no card payments) were not completed on time when the opening occurred – then why should they slog their guts out for a pittance?

    As visitors and dissenters armchair or otherwise – most people are too busy trying to earn a living during the week to meet the ever increasing costs of living in Wrexham to go to somewhere like Ty Pawb. Quite frankly when you only have 2 days off on the weekend and kids to entertain I’d rather go pay a pound for parking at one of the country parks and go for a walk than be cooped up in an industrial looking building with very little on offer.


    Council Watcher

    As Wrexham.com have reported the Council have still not published the ‘revised’ budget which must be showing the revised projected loss. Why are they so reluctant?



    is 300 people really a success? 180 artists entered, most that entered would attend and bring at least one person with them. I know at least 20 people that attended and had no work up. how do the numbers compare to last years at Undegun? all artists had to pay £10 per work with many entering more that one piece so that £3000 in prize money is not the reward it seems.

    its like putting on a gig with local bands who bring their friends as fans its not a realistic projection of interest

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