Ty Pawb Market is no longer a Market in Council report on Markets!!

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    Jimbow – no doubt your Market Trader friend has told you that the traders have nearly all given up attending any meetings with Council Officers as there is never any action. The early meetings were full of promises that have not come to fruition. The traders have become a voice in the wilderness with their financial worries increasing day by day as we should not forget for most of them their stall is their livelihood.

    Don’t be surprised to see the Council making an announcement that they have gone into partnership with Techniquest rather than them go into TJ Hughes! Purely to try and ride on the back of their footfall.

    As far as the Council has a Board – there is no way that they want people who have ideas, business acumen or other professional skills as they would eat up the Council Officers and Lead Member for breakfast.

    The traders need to demand a meeting with the Arts Council and tell them what it is really like in Ty Pawb and also demand a copy of any reports the Council have submitted so far as they will probably find one of the greatest Fairy Stories ever written-oh sorry just realised that storytelling is an art form so the Council have complied with their grant conditions!!

    Somebody needs to get in their with a load of lifeboats to save the project sinking quicker than the Titanic.



    Ty Pawb is cleaner and tidier than the market ever was, including when it was built,
    It also lacks that pervasive small of piss, that always used to linger.



    Council Watcher—- Funny you should mention Techniquest and the Council. I sent in a FOI request and posed the question— Did Wrexham Council provide any funding from whatever department or grant to Techniquest, to enable the lease to be taken on the T.J.Hughes building?

    The answer came back ,it took 4 weeks to reply. No they did not provide any finance.

    At the time, some Councillors were all over this with regard to the additional access to Ty Pawb, and I got the feeling the Council were involved. However, it was not to be.


    Council Watcher

    Jimbow interesting they have said no funding has gone to Techniquest yet has previously been part of discussions for feasibility pans from the WG Vibrant and Viable Funds that the Council administer.
    I wonder if the Council are now throwing the VVP at the financial shortfall on Ty Pawb.



    what a waste of money this place is, over £4 million spent on it that could have been used for something useful. It looks temporary and unfinished with the plastic curtain around some tables that look like the sort of table a builder would setup temporary with a sheet of ply on top. The same old tat for sale. Now that the library toilets are no longer free how long before the homeless use the market ones and those close down.

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