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    It looks like the logo has been created using an old fashioned paper stencil set , circa 1950- 60. Children of that era would have happily produced such a work of art in minutes. Fast forward to 2017 and the work has taken six months and at what cost?


    I noticed it was done by a company from Cardiff, couldn’t someone from Wrexham have done it?.



    It’s bad when you see something in Wrexham that you don’t like and you come onto the Wrexham.com forums hoping someone else has also complained and here we have it, a thread about it!

    My thoughts were the logo looks like it will fit onto an Estate Agents board – it looks too dull and corporate. It is not something that says vibrant arts space – it looks like it needs more colour and a creative edge to it.


    Council Watcher

    With so many art students and lecturers in Wrexham is it right that the Council commissioned someone from outside the area to produce the design!

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