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    Just a thought but as the councils £100 season ticket for staff doesn’t include the spaces in Ty Pawb as it’s not a WMBC car park any longer, ty pawb will undoubtably lose income from council staff who pay to park there each day but decide on the season ticket option in the future. As the season ticket parking is first come first served, there are bound to be WMBC staff who don’t get spaces in waterworld/crown buildings. What about T/P offering their own season ticket at say £150 to mop up those workers who want to be assured of in Town parking but don’t want to go all the way to crescent road or battle to get into the closer car parks? This would mitigate the potential loss of income to T/P and could be offered to non-WMBC staff.


    Council Watcher

    The Ty Pawb car park is still run by the Council – the income is still going into the Council coffers – if a Trust had been formed the income was due to go to the new management entity.
    Unless something has changed there will be no reason why Council staff cant uses their £100 voucher in this car park.
    If they are restricted from using the car park then there will be a significant loss to the Ty Pawb fund to reduce the overall deficit.



    I have been assured that Ty Pawb is not included in the season ticket for staff. Just water world, crown buildings and crescent rd with guildhall reserved for cllrs and some senior officials.

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