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    It looks like Ty Pawb does not want anyone in the building who is visually impaired- the signage has not taken into account current recommendations for colours to ensure that the 10%+ of the population that has difficulty in separating words from background colours will be able to read them.
    For a project costing so much it would have been expected to have been essential to have taken into account the requirements for people with a disability. There is also a lack of a colour contrast on corners of walls and doorways- definitely not a building to recommend to people with a visual impairment.

    Before anyone comes in with comments that people who are visually impaired cant see art – many people can identify colours and still have senses such as touch, hearing and smell to still enable them to experience art in its broadest sense. Lowary in Liverpool is excellent at having various exhibitions to exploit senses.


    Council Watcher

    If Jane is right about this issue then it is disgraceful that on a £4.4 million publicly funded building that elements to ensure that disabled people can enjoy a venue. It would not be the first time that the Council have ‘forgotten’ about adaptions for disabled people – when the King Street redevelopment went ahead they did not adequately install the correct ‘pimple’ slabs at the edge of the payment – some actually led visually impaired people in the direction of buses.

    The Ty Pawb developer needs to be-be brought to account immediately to explain why these features had not been incorporated.


    Whilst I have ever sympathy with the visually impaired, we can add another bunch to this category, i.e. The councillors and council that approved the whole Ty Pawb project. visually Impaired may be too kind, totally blind may be nearer the mark. I wouldn’t worry about the signage, it won’t be necessary for too long and its absence will have at least saved some of the wasted money, ‘good money after bad’ comes to mind..

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