Ty Pawb and the Waste of Our Money, a project mis-timed during Austerity & Cuts

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    Give me the choice & I would much prefer to keep the music in our schools. Why should music be just for the privileged few? I don’t remember the arts section in the library being overrun with people.



    As a Dad I’m not particularly happy about my children’s music services being cut, nor am I happy about my Council Tax going up in April or having to pay for parking every time we go to walk our dog in one of our fine Country Parks. However, austerity and cuts is.. sadly.. ongoing and it’s not just here in Wrexham, all Councils across the UK are in this position. Are people criticising the Council’s bravery in giving our town something different saying that the Council should just be focusing on savings and not investing in the town’s future? Forgive me if I am wrong but Ty Pawb is not just about the arts (nothing wrong with that by the way), it is described as “A new cultural community resource for Wrexham”. It is about bringing money and investment in to Wrexham as well as promoting the arts (and saving money by relocating the Oriel) whilst providing a community resource. Businesses are being encouraged to set up stalls on Chester Street for the launch and there will be businesses located inside Ty Pawb. I wish I could convince my boss to allow me to set up a branch of our family business in there as the redevelopment looks fantastic, it will be great leisure and working environment. I personally am looking forward to having a mooch around Ty Pawb when it opens, like we did as a family in the old market, spending some money in there having a bite to eat or a coffee, putting some money back in to the local economy supporting small businesses whilst at the same time dipping in to the arts and encouraging local artists. It’s time people stopped moaning and got behind this project which is not just for the privileged few but everyone.



    I think we all realise that austerity and cuts to services is a country wide problem and that sometimes we must perhaps suffer a little for the greater good. The main concern with Ty Pawb is that it will be a drain on local finances for the foreseeable future. The old market had the stalls and a place for a bite to eat without the need to spend massive amounts of money. The Oriel could have managed without relocation with a fraction of the money thrown at this project.
    All being said, we also as a family will do our bit to support and visit Ty Pawb, but I just hope it does what it says on the tin and supports Local Artists and Business.

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