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    Let’s hope the back passage works and everything comes out right.

    Yes, indeed! Who wouldn’t want such a thing.


    The Wrexham leader reported today:

    Ty Pawb – Stallholders wanted at Wrexham’s new arts hub

    How prophetic my words of yesterday predicting that the Council had no takers for the stalls in the rapidly failing Ty Pawb project – who in their right mind would invest their money in an arts project in Wrexham ? It must be said that the rich people of Altringham, upon whom this project was modelled on, will refuse to travel to see our homeless in every shop doorway?

    The councillors must take full responsibility and accountability – I can see more lemmings leaping into the abyss when even they realise that the project is failing before the white elephant is completed.

    Unfortunately, it took intelligence, local knowledge and foresight to reach this conclusion.

    Vote the Councillors Out.



    Are you naturally retarded, were you dropped as an infant, or do you just try really hard?

    While you may not wish to patronise it, other people do wish to.

    I had thought that it was not a signficantly difficult subject to grasp, but your posts seem to indicate otherwise. Perhaps you could indicate the part of the concept you are having issues with, and we can try to help you out?


    Rex Ham

    Whilst everyone has a right to an opinion, quite frankly “votethecouncilorsout” we get your opinion on Ty Pawb, you want it to fail. We get the message.

    As for you constant references to an arts centre in Altrincham (not Altringham) I would be interested to know where this is so that I might visit next time I journey to deepest darkest Greater Manchester.



    While you may not wish to patronise it, other people do wish to.

    Oh believe me votethecouncillorsout (vtco) definitely wants to patronise the arts hub.

    Whilst everyone has a right to an opinion, quite frankly “votethecouncilorsout” we get your opinion on Ty Pawb, you want it to fail. We get the message.

    You know what I really look forward to the daily sardonic take on the Arts Hub developments. Farkwittery does too as they have signed up to the forums just to be part of our specialist Ty Pawb focus group. An ever growing fanbase. Now that vtco has developed Nostradamus-cum-Mystic Meg style prophecy powers I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s installment is.


    Farkwittery firstly you must control your enthusiasm – it is obvious that don’t like the facts but you must not sink to low levels of abuse – even in relation to councillors! If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.

    You may wish to patronise Ty Pawb along with 9 or 10 others, so I think its only fair to the majority of us that the 10 of you pay £450,000 each for the privilege and £30,000 each per annum for its upkeep and running. I will continue to use the Country Parks and will have to pay £1, I am not asking you for a contribution to my parking. Unfortunately, the many thousands of families with kids will ultimately have to pay £5 per visit to fund the failing Ty Pawb project, so get your cheque book out ! Ask yourself the honest question – would you take a stall in Ty Pawb ?
    I think not !


    The Council won’t visibly let the project fail even if they (i.e. we) have to pay people to take the stalls. It would be interesting to know how much the Council (i.e. we) are paying Techniquest & their new landlords in order for the Councillors to save face? You only have ‘read between the lines’ to see the panic rapidly spreading in the Council and their councillors with less than 2 months to go to the grand failing, sorry opening. The panic to get Techniquest in TJ’s, the panic to ask for stallholders. What about the rest of that empty street and the already empty market ? The panic must be spreading like a plague….. Remember, every panic move is costing us money – throwing good money after bad….

    The next announcement will be that the council have taken a few stalls for citizens advice, Wrexham tourism, National Trust, Council Feedback etc.. Remember you heard it here first……..



    votetheconcillorsout – Are you a Trump supporter? Calling Tŷ Pawb “failing”, referring to opinions as “facts” (perhaps they are facts of the alternative kind) and, of course, claiming that news you don’t agree is “fake news”.

    I’m also wondering – if we were to vote the councillors out, then presumably we’d have to vote a new lot in. Did you have someone in mind?



    The small print in the Techniquest deal is that it is a ‘short’ lease to test the water to approach funders to give investment– in other words, this is a Pop-Up shop/activity centre that may or may not survive.
    The Glyndwr site is staying open so why would you want to come to the town centre site in a bus with no parking or go to the University site were parking is right by the Tecniquest.

    The Techniquest Glyndwr team working with support from Wrexham County Borough Council, Glyndwr University and Welsh Government has enabled this to happen.

    This raises the question, how much in monetary terms have Wrexham Council put in to enable this to happen. The rates and rent for this building in the past were outside the Council’s comfort zone. What has changed?

    I emailed Andrew Atkinson with the following:- Would it be possible to let me know how much WCBC in monetary terms, have put in to enable Techniquest to lease this building.

    He forwarded my question on to a Rebecca Morgan of WCBC.

    The reply I received from her was:- I can answer from a Housing & Economy perspective to say that we have not put in any money to enable Techniquest to lease this building.

    I replied:- Thank you for your reply. I am a little confused by the wording Housing & Economy. Are you saying no money from Wrexham Council from whatever department was used to help fund the Techniquest lease of this building.

    I am awaiting a reply.


    The Speaking Truth

    Don’t be scared of culture people! You may enjoy it

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