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    “But what can already be said is that the place feels right for its aspirations. It is welcoming, animated, open, unpretentious and multifarious, while also calm and dignified. If this can’t bring art and everyday life together, I don’t know what will.”

    Guardian’s view of Ty Pawb


    Council Watcher

    It should be noted that this ‘positive’ review has been written purely from an architectural perspective for the Guardian – it would be interesting to see if the Guardian sent an arts or business reporter to visit what their take on Ty Pawb would be.
    The success of any arts building is not what it looks like but what is actually going on with displays and activities, none of which are covered in the article. There are very few galleries that can claim people are visiting to see the architectural features.



    Another recent review using similar image sets and phrases etc.

    Someone did mention they had heard the architect had arranged some national PR so perhaps this is outcome? No idea if that is the case or this is something else or entirely organic.

    I am sure the more informed readers can provide the detail if they want to post up.

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    If it looks like PR, reads like PR, and simpers like PR, then it probably is PR.


    Council Watcher

    The total lack of any financial cost information is a clear giveaway that this is an Architects PR story only. Design and build is all they are interested in, not the actual activity that takes place.



    Needs a translation:

    A covered market in Wrexham has welcomed a new exhibition and performance space in an understated revamp that unites art and commerce

    Someone didn’t know what to do with the failing market & rarely visited local art gallery so they decided to hoodwink Welsh Grant providers into investing millions into a mashed up building to create a failing art space slash market all in one place.

    a turreted, brick-faced example of late-flowering postmodernism, with mannered, semi-circular windows. What tells you that something has changed is paint, in broad diagonal slashes of black, with white lettering announcing what the building now is.

    The original building was a piss poor design & they’ve tried to fool the locals with a bit of black paint That looks unfinished as they ran out of that shade in Colour Supplies. They also stuck a massive logo on it because they were worried locals would just ignore & assume it’s still closed down otherwise.

    Inside is the original concrete structure, handsome in its functional way, cleaned of clutter and made more visible than before.

    Looks like the contractor went bust or fled the country before reaching even half completion of the job.

    It has also required judicious management of a small budget, £4.3m for the construction cost. Signs and graphics, by the Cardiff-based branding firm Elfen, are an important part of the experience.

    They’ve had the financing of a peasant’s mud hut compared to the London Jaunts I love reviewing.

    (and I’m that posh I’ve totally failed to realise how overpriced & grotesque this project was in terms of local funding).

    I consider Wrexham to be so backwards that I am mildly relieved that the only place Me or my Friends really care about – Cardiff were able to intervene to bring some culture to the place.

    (again completely failing to recognise, how alienated everyone is that North Wales expertise wasn’t even considered).


    Rex Ham

    So, negative publicity about drug/substance abuse round town upsets people, and so does positive (PR or actual) reporting about a feature of our town.



    The RIBA article refers to Wrexham as a city throughout, perhaps they know something we don’t !


    Rex Ham

    Oh don’t start that row again wrexview!!!!!

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