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    Hey everyone. We are thinking about the tunnels that are supposed to be under the town centre. Opinion on whether they exist is pretty split. What does everyone think? Has anyone ever actually seen them? Anyone got any proof?


    These “tunnels” have been debated on various internet sites over the years. Some say there are tunnels leading from various locations to the Parish Church. Some people argue that the “tunnels” are merely the cellars of buildings that have connections between them to allow coal etc to be delivered.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    I’d be more surprised if there weren’t any tunnels.



    There is some weird commentary on a website that seems to be a journey along a river through the town, but some of the tunnels referred to seem to be made form concrete so not that old. Others are brick arch, probably over Brook St. The pics won’t show, but do a google image search for Wrexham tunnel…

    Location is allegedly at the corner of Hope Street and High Street



    I started a thread about this on the old photos of Wrexham Facebook page around a year ago. There were some fascinating responses, which is you read them and apply them to a map of Wrexham, you can establish their path.



    @njones 11664 wrote:

    There is some weird commentary on a website that seems to be a journey along a river through the town,

    That I think is the one for the river Gwenfro under Brook Street – wouldnt want to be under there in this weather!


    Wow, what a response. Guess we’re not the only ones interested in them. We’ve heard a lot of tales about them and where they are supposed to go but there seems to be so very few people who have actually seen them personally. Have any of you?



    There’s one that leads from the basement of Arnold’s through to Yale College. Got to down to the Arnold’s Basement once and even though we weren’t allowed in there, it was still a bit spooky!

    BBC – North East Wales – Civil War ghost in the bar



    I was told (no names) that there was a tunnel from Church Street towards the Gwenfro river. Also someone mentioned air raid shelters under somewhere near the Halifax bank or Smiths.


    we’ve heard that there were air raid shelters under the market so Halifax and smiths would make good sense Zinger.

    Darryl, did you see the tunnel?

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