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    @simon 8765 wrote:

    Wayne, are you mistaking the damage allegedly done to a section of Offa’s Dyke by travellers at Pontcysyllte

    Offa’s Dyke: ‘Travellers’ flatten 50 yards of 8th century monument with a bulldozer | Mail Online

    with the encampment by Travellers at the Alyn Waters Country Park nestled between, Llay/Gwersyllt etc?

    The Leader ran a story on the Offa’s Dyke demolition, as did the Daily Post. All articles are the same, although the Leaders’ is unavailable online for some unknown reason.

    Investigation launched into possible damage to Offa’s Dyke ancient monument – North Wales Weekly News

    I was under the impression that the travellers at alyn waters had come from the ‘festival’.

    CADW and the police have been found wanting with relation to the possible vandalism as the investigation started after they left and therefore nobody will be caught.



    On a lighter note…. I was just reading the main article on this.
    I wonder .. is this serious journalism!?
    “while another dog owner said her dog was confused that they couldn’t use the route they usually follow.”
    We are now reporting the feelings of a confused dog, maybe the funeral of some crushed insects from the pitch next?


    @llayunited 8748 wrote:

    This is the response I have had from our local councillors who passed the buck to Wrexham Council

    I am responding to your email to Clrs Boland and Taylor regarding the matter as above. First may I reassure you that the Council is taking this very seriously and is looking as a matter of urgency into the legal powers available to it to bring this occupation of the land to an end as soon as possible. However, it is not a criminal offence for the travellers to be on the site the Council is required to follow due process to seek their removal, which involves some initial assessments of the travellers on the site and the preparation of appropriate documentation. If this is not done correctly there is more chance of challenge and delay. In the meantime officers of the Council visited the site on the morning after the encroachment and made clear to the travellers that they were trespassing on Council land and are visiting the site on a daily basis to monitor the impact. I will keep you informed of developments over the next few days.


    Lawrence Isted
    Head of Community Wellbeing and Development/Pennaeth Lles Cymunedol a Datblygu
    Wrexham County Borough Council/Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Wrecsam

    Whilst being there may not be a criminal matter, driving motor vehicles in a reckless and dangerous manner is. I suggest that you contact the police on 101 to remind them of this.


    In addition the police have the power to impound vehicles being driven illegally on parkland. It would be simple for them to park a patrol car up by the gate and confiscate them as they are driven on. VOSA DVLA and the Highways agency could also attend and have a massive clear up.


    @chris 8788 wrote:

    In addition the police have the power to impound vehicles being driven illegally on parkland. It would be simple for them to park a patrol car up by the gate and confiscate them as they are driven on. VOSA DVLA and the Highways agency could also attend and have a massive clear up.

    The fastest way to get rid. Is a patrol car stationed there 24-7.

    I’m sure that if people made complaints 24-7 to the police, the police would have a valid reason to be there.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    They’d probably have a case for harassment under the ‘Uman Rights Act.



    @metalhead 8768 wrote:

    @ Llayunited, is there any possibility your team could use the facilities of nearby clubs for now? Doesn’t sound as though these grounds will be suitable for playing football on for a while. You would like to think that any deliberate attempt to destroy an area of community value would be classed an act of criminal damage (surely doing doughnuts in Ford Transit vans would fall into that category) and dealt with accordingly.

    About 6 years ago we were invited by Wrexham Council to join up with Llay Welfare in a Llay Community Sports project to improve sports facilities in Llay. In practice this meant using Our name and the fact we were a children’s club with girls teams to gain grants to improve facilities at Llay Welfare with the promise that we would have equal use of the facilities. Over £100,000 in grants for a MUGA and to improve paths and to put drainage on the football and cricket pitch

    Once the work was done Llay Welfare decided that our club was of no more use to them and stopped us from using the grounds and started to charge us to use the MUGA

    They then set about setting up their own youth section, when we complained members of our committee we band from even setting foot on Llay Welfare property.

    To make it worst Wrexham Council had spent more than £10,000 to convert the village park by the Welfare which they rented from the welfare from a run down park to a junior football pitch for the use of the local youth teams. This pitch has been used about 3 times in 4 years.

    When we were told we were no longer wanted at the welfare we approached them about a long term rent for the pitch and offered the majority of the money we had in club funds. Carroll Clark did not even have the decency to reply to our request only ban our club member.

    So even though there are pitches in Llay we will not get very far

    We are nearly sorted even though some of the options open use will cost the club money.

    I am disgusted that neither the council or our local members have even contacted the club to ask if we needed any help with pitches


    @AMA Express 8790 wrote:

    They’d probably have a case for harassment under the ‘Uman Rights Act.

    Love the EU articles more than any piece of legislation than other piece of law that governs the UK.

    It-s down to the locals to keep on complaining to the police, so the police have a reason for being there.



    Why this type of People are aloud to set up camp where ever they want & the council pussy foot around i will never know.They put nothing into the system,but take every penny that they can out of it.The police should be doing more to stop them not be scared to deal with them.Its 1 rule for them & 1 rule for Decent law abiding tax paying people.



    Why do they have to go through all this rubbish with the courts as if it was youngsters drinking and making a nuiscance of themselves they would be removed straight away ,, why don’t we send for the boys from Rhyl who moved them from by the hospital instead of spending thousands again.

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