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    @llayunited 8746 wrote:

    Just been down to our pitches and they are being ruined by deliberate acts of vandalism.

    They are deliberately spinning cars to damage the pitches.

    Walking around the paths in the country park there is human poo and toilet paper on the paths.

    As I was walking across one of the paths one of the gypsies drive his van at me, but I did not move so he gave me a mouthful instead.

    This is appalling. They are a law unto themselves. They complain about dog poo & give a big fine so why can’t the poo police do the same with the travellers.



    By letting this continue, the police and council are not protecting the interests of the general public, which should obviously come first.

    Not only can the local football team no longer practice or play there, what about all the people who enjoy using the park for walking or taking their dogs ? Clearly they are going to avoid the place, how can that be fair ? If I had turned up there with my mates in a load of caravans we’d have been cleared off in no time.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more travellers turn up when they realise that they are getting away with it. How can it not be illegal to break an entry into the park ? How else would they have got in late on a Sunday evening ?

    Get your act together WCBC / Wrexham Police and shift them.


    Out of interest…

    Has anyone found out if the police are logging the complaints and the crimes e.g. the daily mail-s alleged criminal damage.



    It may or may not be illegal for them to be there but it IS illegal for them to destroy football pitches which will now probably be out of use for most of the season. Get them off!!


    I-ve noticed that there have been quite a few articles recently on were the reporters have followed up a tweet regarding a disturbance or incident that the police has said nothing has happened.

    Yet the reporters have also made an issue that the police are not logging and people aren’t complaining because the police have been allegedly said they won-t follow through because paraphrasing it’s not worth it.

    And NWP police have an made an absolute PR fail with the soon wrexham v chester match as well as probably alienating 3,000 law abiding local wrexham fans because of it.

    So putting the things I’ve read on, i wonder whether the police are logging complaints and crimes regarding the travellers?

    or is that not the message are trying to make?



    Unfortunately, it might take longer to remove The Travellers from Alyn Waters than Joe Public might expect.
    I’ve had to copy & paste the answers to ensure accuracy:-

    First of all…
    The Council must..
    Show that the Gypsies/Travellers are on the land without consent
    Make enquiries regarding the general health and welfare of the group and children’s education
    Ensure that the Human Rights Act 1998 has been fully complied with
    Follow a set procedure which involves proving ownership of the land, giving details of the illegal encampment, serving notices and summonses in order to successfully obtain a court order to evict the travellers from the site
    Encampments on council land have to be dealt with as a civil matter. The police will only take action if serious criminal activity, public disorder or disruption to the local community takes place.

    Q. How long will it take for the Travellers to be removed?

    This will depend on the circumstances of each individual case. The council needs to take account of the above issues as well as how soon they can obtain a County Court hearing date.

    When can the Council move them on?
    If gypsies/travellers are camped on council land, the Council can recover possession of their land by using a County Court Order, if their land is occupied without their consent.
    If the gypsies/travellers are on Wrexham Borough Council land and are causing problems they will be moved on as soon as is possible and reasonable. The Council will consider each case on its merits. In all cases the site is visited and every effort made to make sure that the gypsies/travellers keep the site tidy and do not cause public health problems.

    It is a minefield. The travellers have their own specialised solicitors at hand on the end of a mobile phone….

    A few people might be familiar with the mess and clean-up operation required after the Maesgwyn Fields in Wrexham were invaded 2-years ago. Early indications, based on peoples’ tweets on, suggest that a similar clean-up operation will be required at Alyn Waters. After all, no traveller uses the bathroom in his trailer as a bathroom. It is used as storage and they consider using the toilet as ‘un-healthy’ in their trailer.
    This will cost the taxpayer a lot of money for the clean-up.

    The Council will have to protect their land with better security measures (bollards etc) in future

    So begins the long-winded court action against the Travellers at Alyn Waters Country Park :mad:



    @thewayneinspain 8761 wrote:

    Out of interest…

    Has anyone found out if the police are logging the complaints and the crimes e.g. the daily mail-s alleged criminal damage.

    Wayne, are you mistaking the damage allegedly done to a section of Offa’s Dyke by travellers at Pontcysyllte

    Offa’s Dyke: ‘Travellers’ flatten 50 yards of 8th century monument with a bulldozer | Mail Online

    with the encampment by Travellers at the Alyn Waters Country Park nestled between, Llay/Gwersyllt etc?

    The Leader ran a story on the Offa’s Dyke demolition, as did the Daily Post. All articles are the same, although the Leaders’ is unavailable online for some unknown reason.

    Investigation launched into possible damage to Offa's Dyke ancient monument – North Wales Weekly News



    Look how long it took to remove them from by the hospital? I hope that they decide to move of their own accord pretty darn quickly.



    How can crime figures be accurate if they aren’t logged? Everyone should ask for a crime number when reporting a crime but the law abiding amongst us don’t like the thought that paperwork gives them less time on the streets. We don’t see them on the streets anyway, apart from match days. Only plastic police with no teeth.



    @ Llayunited, is there any possibility your team could use the facilities of nearby clubs for now? Doesn’t sound as though these grounds will be suitable for playing football on for a while. You would like to think that any deliberate attempt to destroy an area of community value would be classed an act of criminal damage (surely doing doughnuts in Ford Transit vans would fall into that category) and dealt with accordingly.

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