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    See some travellers have pitched their caravans in Tesco Car Park, maybe doing a big shop?

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Yep, they’ve probably run out of squirrels and hedgehogs to cook.


    Hugh Bet

    Has anybody communicated this to Sheriff Andrew Atkinson?



    ‘Travellers’ a law unto themselves persecuted wherever they set up illegal camps (and why not) as they seem to damage gates/barriers to park up, they do what they want when they want they ignore the laws of this country as if they are such a special case any ‘dealings’ with them seem to be classed all as civil matters and usually joe public is left with the cost of cleaning up any mess left by them.
    They are a bane on society.



    Why is allowing this vile hate speech and bigoted rhetoric against our valued Traveller Community to stand?

    May I remind you that Travellers, both Irish and Romany, are a protected ethnic group under The Equality Act 2010, and it is a criminal offense to stir up racial hatred in this way.

    I suggest you remove this thread swiftly, Rob, lest you expose yourself to criminal prosecution.


    Council Watcher

    Unless iout actually had a conversation (very unlikely) with the ‘caravan owners’ who have they come up with the origin of the nationality. How do they not know that they are members of the Caravan Club just stopping off before going to a local caravan site?

    As there have not been any more reports can we assume they have now actually left..



    Has anybody communicated this to Sheriff Andrew Atkinson?

    His jurisidiction in such matters ends at the Gresford Roundabout. All he can offer them in that location are the shiniest windows in town & a how d’ya doodly do!



    “our valued Traveller Community????.They are NOT, and for obvious reasons valued by the vast majority, however they may well become more acceptable to the community at large when they pay their taxes, educate their off spring and respect the laws of this land, refrain from damaging farm gates pathways and hedgerows, fouling public spaces, These folks are not collarless David Essex like characters that freely roam the land, or long skirted, head scarf wearing ladies offering sprigs of heather for a palm reading.

    “Unless iout actually had a conversation (very unlikely) with the ‘caravan owners’ who have they come up with the origin of the nationality”.

    I did not have a conversation with the caravan owners it true, Dental bill’s being what they are. I assume you meant how and not who, with regards my establishing the caravan owners nationality? Shake you head, and read my post , I never mentioned the caravan owners nationality, I referred to them as travellers and that is exactly their preferred term of reference

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