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    Unfortunately, did not read to the end of the Second Phase Queens Square Plans as it went on to state that Travel Lodge will be taking over the Council Lampit Street offices- these are the ones that have the Tourist Indmation Centre in. The proposal is that the sale of the office will generate income for the rest of Phase 2 which also includes the removal of the brick road from by the old BHS through to Queens Square and replace with the newer stone work ones. The removed bricks will be utilised to build plinths for the Icon statues and flower troughs.

    Other improvements include increased bike parking pods with codes to avoid people chaining bikes to lamp posts and to keep them secure. The pods in the evening will then be used as supplementary overnight accommodation for the homeless- they will all be allocated their own code number- each morning they will have to hose them down. Additional spaces will be created in the flower troughs when there are no seasonal flowers growing. This idea has to be tested with the homeless as the troughs will be 6 foot long and 18 inch wide and may not get used as the design looks like a coffin

    It is also being suggested that a large-scale version of the blocked drain cover featured in Wrexham.Com Twitter recently will be created to allow children to have fun jumping over the grass area where the grid slots should be. Linked to this will be a water feature for children but with a forward thinking Council the feature will double up as a shower facility for the homeless – the heat for the water being collected from all the hot air generated in Council meeting rooms.

    The multipurpose use of pods, flower troughs and water feature are being submitted for an award for the best Urban Landscape of the year. We should all wish the Council well for being able to think so broadly on how to attract more people into the town and how to look after the current town residents. An extra blank plinth is being erected in the hope of getting the award.


    I’ve been hoping the council would abandon any more work on replacing the red bricks on the roads. Those they have put down already look disgusting. It’s been a complete waste of money. The red brick road looks far better.

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