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    Rex Ham

    Born Acorn, please don’t let facts get in the way of a good fantasy! After I posted, I realised this might be about the Halton Curve and trains to Liverpool via Parkway station, but if the Welsh Assembly Government intend to allocate battery / electric trains on the Wrexham – Bidston line, then they could operate on the sub-Liverpool stretch.



    Skates update was incredibly poor and makes our rail capabilities look like a joke.

    This particular statement is of significant concern:

    “If I can put it this way, it’s a bit like when you buy a used car. You buy a used car knowing that the previous owner may not have maintained it as well as you would have liked them to. And so, what you do is inspect it, and you will factor into it the possibility of having to get new brakes or new tyres, but you inspect it.”

    Yes we can all relate to that comparison – however bit of piss poor due diligence in place from a national government if they can only gather limited information on something where millions of pounds of Welsh public money is going to spent on. This being something as important as a rail network that people rely on daily to get to and from work. It is also used by those wanting to travel in and out of Wales for business and leisure. So inferior services will harm both business and tourism if it carries on.

    If WAG can’t be trusted and competent enough to deal with large multinationals on public transport then how can they be trusted in any area for us not to get screwed over?

    Also if Welsh rail transport has been substandard for 15 years+ – a humiliating government admission. What are they going to do to get off their backsides and fix things?

    Time for Ken to stop grinning like an idiot for photo ops and put his big boy pants on & actually do some work.


    Matt, Ken Skates has an office in Llangollen, you should just head off down there and bite his knob off.
    Arriva Service 5 bus from outside the Fire Station, 11mins and 41mins past the hour.

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