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    today I witnessed a traffic warden park in market street ( on double yellow lines) got out and waited for someone to come out of a shop because they had parked on double yellow lines, said to the person is that your vehicle, the person replied yes then the traffic warden let them drive away without a fine. This has lost the council £70 income and our tax is being used to pay these wardens. What a waste of money.



    Drivers are allowed to stop on yellow lines to board or alight passengers and their luggage. They are also allowed loading and unloading heavy or bulky goods (that cannot reasonably be carried from a legal parking spot), for as long as necessary, as long as its continuous. Unless there are loading restrictions in force i.e kerb markings. Normally the Warden has to observe the vehicle for 5 minutes to ascertain if any loading/unloading is being carried out before issuing a Penalty Notice.



    Lock Stock Rob Brydon



    ANON, It’s likely it wouldn’t be £70 if paid quickly more like £40 but i stand to be corrected on that; the Warden was obviously exercising restraint and discretion which is what we are usually asking of them so stop moaning and get a life.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Do you want to bring back Kingdom Anon ?






    I agree with IMHO on this. In many towns traffic wardens are just waiting to pounce on delivery drivers. The big cities are the worst.
    Common sense should be applied in all instances where it is obvious that advantage isn’t being taken.



    I hope you haven’t submitted your letter to Santa yet, there’s still time.

    You can ask him to get you a life…..


    Ioan y Ffin

    the aim of traffic wardens is to optimize the safe movement of traffic and minimize the hazards to road users, not just to go around handing out fines. the clue is in the name.

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