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    Maureen Gray

    @andy 19681 wrote:

    I know I shouldn’t really say this Maureen but if you or one of the other disgruntled residents, against your human rights and all, trapped in your homes for the whole day were to take things into your own hands. Like scattering tacks onto Cefn road and puncturing their Nike Air Max trainers. Well! Who could blame you?

    Took your advice Andy, jumped in the car to pop to B&Q for some tacks an:(d dohh! the bloody road is closed!!



    @maureen Gray 19671 wrote:

    Good luck to all the participants in The Wrexham Marathon today, but why oh why of why……have WCBC picked the route to maximise the most disruption to traffic by closing Cefn Road?

    Its ric-dic & douglas all over again, Coming out of my drive – blocks to the right of me, blocks to the left of me, which way can I go, please Mrs Crewe, Ceris tell me what to do.
    Why not hold the race in the sprawling country side of Llay, not Wrexham.
    As it happens, I’m not going out today, so I will not be affected, but I think its a good point [Did you know JOKe?] Help!!!!!:mad:

    Of course, I am on the Council’s mailing list.

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