Traffic Around Town (Ruthin Rd & Plas Coch) affecting ambulances ?

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    Following on from Traffic Diverted To Ease Maelor Congestion Chaos | – has anyone seen the traffic around the new morrirons and the sainsburys / B&Q roundabout?

    I had read somewhere that someone was reporting ambulances going slower than usual up ruthin road, a journey that perhaps should take 5mins taking 20mins.

    No formal complaints have been made yet but there is anecdotal stuff out there :(



    This is going to get worse as it gets closer to Christmas. I’m avoiding the B’n’Q round-about as much as possible.



    I don’t think suspending the road works on B&Q roundabout will help much over Christmas it is down to the poor design of the roads around Sainsburys that is the problem.



    From the photograph on the new Morrisons is very close to the large hopspital car park at the rear of the Maelor Hospital. Would it be possible to have a new exit/entrance from that hospital car park on to the new piece of Morrisons road that joins Ruthin Road ? A second entrance/ exit would lead to less congestion at the end of visiting.

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