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    I have every sympathy with the present stallholders in the Peoples Market over the uncertainty of the future configuration of their market.
    The present set up gives a total number of stalls of 58.This figure is quoted in the report HAED/17/14S to the Employment , Business, and Investment Scrutiny Committee on 2nd April 2014.
    At the Executive Board meeting of 13th January 2015 Cllr Hugh Jones quoted that 14 stalls would be lost to the new development, and that at present, there where 9 vacant stalls and 9 stalls used by flexi tenants.
    Given this, 9 vacant plus 9 flexi equals 18 stalls, that would leave 40 stalls at that time fully occupied.
    If, as quoted by Cllr Jones in January 2015, 14 stalls would need to be lost to the new development, the market would still have a capacity of 44 stalls.
    In July 2015 Cllr Hugh Jones made the comment that there would be provision for only 30 stalls, in the new development.
    It now appears that the market is in fact losing 28 stalls, twice the number originally quoted.
    It is little wonder traders are uncertain about their future.

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