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    Council Watcher

    There were a few disturbing issues at the Town Centre Forum today-
    Car Parking – the scoring of points off each other between Clr D Bithell and Kevin Crichley Eagles Meadow manager was in danger of degenerating into tit for tat between the two over who came up with reduced car parking rates first- the here and now is far more important and the need to establish if these have made a difference not who, what when- if no difference has occurred they question why and what else can be tried.

    Vibrant and Viable- no mention about the £millions being poured into the town from the Welsh Government- lots of people outside of the meeting complain yet no one raises any issues over the use of the funding.

    Rates- statement about WG removing the small business rate relief of £1500 — is correct but no reference to the fact that Westminster will not conduct the necessary Business Rate review that was due nearly 3 years ago- the results of which would show that most retail outlets would have a rateable value reduction due to commercial properties decreasing in value. This would be more effective and greater than the £1500 withdrawal by WG.

    Markets – the question posed by was very legitimate but threw Nigel the Chair off balance completely. The underlying point is that it is the Wrexham Town Centre Forum and as such should be their to support ANY business no matter were it is located or what their product/service range happens to be. A Forum of mixed membership certainly cannot be selective about who they do or do not support.

    Harmony- there clearly seems to be ongoing disharmony amongst a number of individuals, business elements, the Council and making Party Political statements/views trying to point score at a time when the grim reaper is walking all around Wrexham Town Centre.

    It’s time to wake up to the fact if you want the town to have any heart and soul you need to encourage people to come – today was not a good example of how to have a united front and opportunities are going to be lost for ever.


    Council Watcher

    In addition to previous item I would like to know why Clr Neil Rogers was so reluctant to go on record that the Henblas Street toilet improvements are costing circa £100k due to ‘commercial reasons’ — this at a time when their own Council reports state-

    The upgrade of Henblas Street convenience would
    take between 8 and 12 weeks and cost in the region of £100,000, potentially funded
    from the capital reserve, created as part of the 2013/14 revenue out turn. page 237

    From the reluctance to even give a guide expenditure would imply that they have gone over budget in excess of the original £100k

    Clr Rogers also needs to know that the Council web site also lists all (or is supposed to) payments over £500

    Why hide something that is in the Public domain?



    Re: rates statement, the rates revaluation is taking place in Wales and will be effective from April ’17.



    It might be an idea to include a copy of a letter that you sent to the Councillor asking these points of them, and posting that letter on this forum – and their official response.

    Maybe – they don’t read this forum…so have no idea about your concerns…

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