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    Good to see it is now open on Saturdays. If it was relocated to a space within Ty Pawb it would help drive extra footfall in that direction . Visitors to a town often seek out the Tourist Information Office to get leaflets and book accommodation.



    I don’t think that is the most sensible suggestion. A TIO should be centrally located where people tend to head for. I cannot see how locating it on the periphery of the town would do anything to enhance the visitor experience of Wrexham. Yes, it may possibly attract a few more visitors to the white elephant, but adequate signage would have the same effect, assuming its on their ‘must see’ list.


    Totally agree with BenjaminM.

    A TIC is supposed to be that place that maps out for any visitors where the attractions are as well as informs the rest of us about upcoming events. Most TICs also offer a range of others services including ticket selling and trip organisation. The Wrexham TIC needs a total overhaul but it should be located at an obvious point of entry to the town centre

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