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    Total Fitness returns to Wrexham.

    It was good when it first opened. An absolute shambles the last few years it operated. But….arguably the best ‘wet side’ gym in the area. …. Hydropherapy pool, Sauna. Sanarium, Steam Room etc (It was company policy to have 2 out of 3 working at any time – to save money)

    Opening April 1. Hmmm

    Wrexham FAQs



    In the same location?



    Yep, first 12-18 months it felt like a well run private club…then it just started to come apart…a lack cleanliness was the first area I noticed, then broken items not being repaired or replaced. They will have a job of work to repair their reputation.


    Once bitten – twice shy springs to mind
    Yes it was a good club in the beginning but the ‘money grabbing’ antics towards the end leave a bitter taste.
    But everyone deserves a 2nd chance so lets see what the subs will be and what 1st year discounts they will be offering – especially to previous members:confused:


    Interesting that they class Wrexham as North England



    Secured the empty building for 4 months back in 2013. Fancy a swim? :D



    No, I won’t be returning there. I lost complete faith with that company.
    When it first opened, the Life Fitness cardio equipment came in second-hand from one of their Merseyside clubs. In 9-years it never got replaced or upgraded. In the end, it seemed like half the equipment was ‘out of order’ or had pedals, sensors etc missing.
    All they were bothered about was memberships. To increase their turnover, they abolished ‘off peak’ memberships. Everyone’s membership went up, whilst the club went downhill.
    They would never turn on the air-conditioning – despite the venue being like one big greenhouse with all its windows. It was stifling in there.
    You’d also see the same rubbish on the floors for days. With the windows opened, rubbish collected in the corners of the building.
    There was no security there, no CCTV. Thieves watched people arrived and then either followed them in (on a free guest pass) and took their locker padlock off. Many cars were stolen also.
    In the end they didn’t heat the hydrotherapy pool, the sauna etc were always out of order. Wrexham Tri members had to wear wet suits because the main pool was so cold etc….

    It was a shambles. And when they did close suddenly, they suggested members should go to Chester. 11 miles away, battle through the traffic to Liverpool Rd…

    No confidence with TF

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