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    I really wonder if the owners of the pound shop by Heron care about Druggies stealing. Just a few minutes ago myself and another customer watched a Druggie (Well known) walk in, pick up a few items, and walk straight out again.

    Where were the staff?

    Good question.

    Should I be doing their job and risk confrontation.



    I doubt the staff are paid enough to care, and usually seem to rushed off their feet doing other things.

    The same thing happens in Chester – people walk in, grab a big pack of batteries and walk out again.



    Their staff won’t be paid enough to risk getting harmed by confronting them

    All it means is that there’s more chance of the store leaving Wrexham if losses become too much

    If you can’t beat em, join em, maybe




    As someone who works in retail, I can tell you that staff are told not to confront thieves as they might become aggressive. They are to inform security, who will contact the proper people. As for confronting them yourself, that is a bad idea. You could get hurt or, worse case, arrested.

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