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    Ioan y Ffin

    People living in Wrexham are closer to specialst NHS services than the residents of many of the other border counties.
    The challenge for the NHS is that well paid medical jobs go unfulfilled because we lack the trained British people to fill them and the farce of Brexit has been frightening away talented skilled people from across Europe. Why stay in the country and help the NHS when the PM whips up hatred against you and calls you a queue jumper. I will know Britain is heading for success when our own young people are encouraged and enabled to have real vocations with the serious application that requires rather than relying on australian style points systems to keep the country off life support.



    Derek Jackson, your last post makes sense. It shouldn’t be about politics.

    Ioan y Ffin, Brexit has nothing to do with the problems in the NHS. There is often an old repeated programme on daytime TV showing British people thinking of emigrating to Australia. Guess what? The vast majority were nurses way before Brexit was even thought of.



    What utter rubbish.



    Everhard- what a brilliant contribution you have made to this thread



    Thank you.

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