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    I was flabbergasted to hear Cllr. David A Bithell at this mornings Executive Board meeting say “We don’t have to take on board what Scrutiny says, we are the Executive Board.”

    If 15 Scrutiny members from all parties recommend a way forward, the 10 Executive Board members can just ignore it.

    What is the point of having 42 councillors when the magnificent 10 have all the say?



    It really isn’t fair – 10 wards get so called super councillors on inflated pay who think they know what’s best for the whole town. Rest of the town wards get regular councillors who at least can then focus on the actual issues of their constituency rather than pretend to be doing busy work for the whole town.

    It’s going back to the broken party political system in Wrexham – a stupid double independent group coalition with Tory austerity bolted on. There was never any high level political master plan for the town. With no manifesto the Exec Board can just fudge through everything.

    Anything big has just been messed up over and over – look at the state of the Groves situation, Kingdom, Ty Pawb, ability to keep the private public transport at any standard, failed schools, we’re coming back into cold season and the majority of roads are still in dreadful shape from last winter – what will happen if we have another pot hole inducing winter.

    You can take any of those issues and people will make noise about something and the executive board response will be ‘let’s have a meeting about it in 6 months time’ – meaning eternal putting off.

    I’m not saying the likes of Labour or Plaid on their own or forced to work together collectively would do much better but what we do need is decision makers who actually give a toss about this town and aren’t in it just for a cushty paycheque or political ladder climbing.

    Frustratingly there’s no elections for just under 4 years and you wonder if people will bother to vote to change any of the status quo. I’d like to know where the hundreds of commenters on Facebook who massively slam the council all the time disappear on polling day.



    Well Cllr David A Bithell what a comment to make which shows what most of us thought, it has become a special club run by dumb/dumber and the rest of the gang you should hang your head in shame and apologize with regards to your comment made.
    I think its about time that this so called executive board is disbanded as they seem to be about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.



    Cabinet (Executive Board ) style of running Councils was introduced by Tony Blair. It concentrates too much power and influence into the hands of a small minority of Councillors. Previously the Full Council was the power house with every Councillor having a stake in decision making. Time to revert to the old style ?



    It is time Wrexham Council ( Councillors) looked at themselves. How can it be right that we have 52 Councillors and the Mighty 10 make all the decisions.
    We the People who pay the Council Tax are paying approximately £1,000,000 per year for these 52 Councillors.

    It is time Chief Officers took control of the Council, they are suppose to be the professionals, with the qualifications, not a load of amateurs who seem hell bent on ruining Wrexham Town.



    Of course the 0.6% settlement cut from WAG is going to spark off more merry go round monetary misery as they axe more services.

    I see mentions of threats to the bin collections again. I really hope that moving from a 2 week collection service would be an absolute red line for any self respecting Wrexham resident who doesn’t want stinking maggot filled bins and rats everywhere if general waste gets pushed to 3 weeks. We can’t be pushed around and bullied like they’ve done in Conwy.



    Well we can all see that come April the council tax payers will be digging deeper and deeper into their pockets and purses and does everybody find it strange that all the north wales councils have been hit harder than the majority of those councils in south wales I wonder if it is because north wales is such an area of mystery to the majority of those learned persons sitting in the senedd and the ‘valleys’ and such must be protected as much as possible.
    On financial matters the North/South divide just seems to be there far all to see, will it change probably not so I welcome you all to rip off Wales within the ever increasing circle of rip off Britain run by Penelope Pittstop and her squabbling gang. (sorry went off on a bit of a tangent there).



    The Council is made up of Independent 16. Labour 12. Conservative 9. Wrexham Independent 8. Plaid 3. Lib Dem 2. Non Aligned 2.In total 52.

    The Executive Board is made up of Independent 5. Wrexham Independent 3. Conservative 2, Total 10.

    It disturbs me that surely everybody wants what is right for Wrexham, yet there are 19 Councillors from various groups that have no say on any matter.


    Council Watcher

    Jimbow not sure how you arrive at 19 voices not being heard – by my reckoning it is 42– even those Councillors who belong to a Group that are on the Executive aren’t listened to.

    The best saving that can come is a reduction in the number of Councillors as it now seem 50% don’t even bother to attend Executive meetings to take part.

    As for the manner in which they behaved yesterday they should all read the constitution about not bringing the Council into disrepute- a number both on the Executive and the floor of the chamber over stepped the mark and should be reported for this. As ratepayers in Wrexham we should be getting a level of professionalism that befits the office of Councillor not petty playground bullying and back biting in the most childish of way. Looking at the web cast it is clear that the actual issue of the closure of the Work Opportunities service became secondary to Councillors scoring personal brownie points.



    CW. I will accept your figure of 42. We have reached the stage were all Councillors not on the Executive Board should return to their Community Councils in an unpaid position and let the mighty 10 get on with it.

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