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    The cost of this position to ratepayers is quoted as £138,613 per annum.There have been three meetings in the Council at which this subject has been discussed.At yesterdays Executive Board Meeting the Leader of the Council pointed out that no Councillor has put forward a motion on this issue.
    Have we a bunch of gutless Councillors? They make cuts to services,yet seem incapable of making a cut to their little family.



    Yes we do have gutless Councillors. Why do we continue to pay for the mayor’s evenings out, drinks and chauffeur driven car with private number plates?



    I anticipate it may arise at full council, but I can easily see the administration turning round and saying they haven’t been given enough time to consider it if it’s brought up at the last hurdle.

    Given the strength of feeling surrounding the issue, as evidenced in the consultation feedback, I do think it deserves a proper debate.


    Just to repeat myself from previous.

    I like the concept of Mayor but not a toothless one. We are surely beyond head patting, baby handling, ribbon cutting politicos.

    What I want is a genuine Mayor armed with Executive powers elected to do a job and designed to challenge legislative doings



    Someone like Arnold Griffiths who made it his mission to attend 1 function everyday of his 365-day tenure as Mayor!

    I can remember the controversy about the number plates, it was quite a few years ago. I seem to remember, even then, the 2 sets of plates cost around £100,000.

    A Council paying £100,000 for 2 sets of number plates. We’d better keep them. They’d probably sell them for a fraction of the price. A bit like Eagles Meadow costing over £100m….and then selling the development for something like £78m. Yet, they can’t help out and secure the future of the Venture Queens Park on one of Europe’s most deprived estates.



    You can almost guarantee that the Council will stuff something up with the Prison.
    How official did the Council group look in the recent visit to the site (as photographed by the media)? Hard hats and high-visibility jackets over their shirts & ties…in an empty field. I bet their all on tidy salary’s. Before they do the Prison, can they get some basics right on our roads? Like turning the lights on around the B&Q roundabout at night time? Or making the speed bumps visible on the Greyhound pub to Borras Road? Totally invisible at night time, invisible at day time under the shade of a large tree…



    I do not see an issue with the position of Mayor – if the post-holder is doing a good job that is. A mayor that gets out into the local community, pushed for business, supports community initiatives and generally promotes the area can be a huge benefit. The title comes with an amount of prestige, which should be used for the benefit of the community. If done correctly the Mayor should finish their term in office very tried, but also very pleased they have worked hard to connect with the community and build the reputation of the area.



    The Mayor raises the profile of many smallish volunteer groups and charities. Volunteer groups work very hard for little reward. When the Mayor & Mayoress attend an event complete with chains of office it makes the hard work feel worthwhile & appreciated. Would you want the Mayor of Wrexham to show up in an old banger or on a bike? Number plates, robes, cars etc have already been purchased in years gone by, not by the present administration, and should be used or worn with pride.



    I would not like anybody who represents Wrexham to turn up in an old banger or on a bike.If you were to ask the general public in Wrexham what is the name of the Mayor ? I doubt that not many people would know.If you were to ask who plays centre forward for Wrexham Football Club, I would think you would get a greater response.The outcome of this being, ask somebody from Wrexham Football Club to attend your function for free.The whole point of the thread being the cost £138,613 in my opinion is too great a cost to bear given the Councils financial position.



    Rather than not have a Mayor what about a significant budget cut?, surely this post could be run for a lot less than the amount it is currently costing?

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