The Fallacy of Building 365 New Houses in Llay.

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    The muppets in the Welsh Assembly give the instruction to build more houses and the Sheep of Wrexham Council and their planners follow their instructions even though they know it is detrimental for the village and Borough. We (i.e. Wrexham Council) must stand up to the Assembly and say NO, whatever the cost to the council. We need independence from Cardiff.
    Will 365 new houses in Llay affect the homeless situation in Wrexham – NO
    Will 365 new houses in Llay make it easier for local people to purchase NO
    Will 365 new houses in Llay result in a general price reduction – NO
    Will 365 new houses in Llay be of any benefit to the people of Wrexham – NO
    Will 365 new houses in Llay be detrimental to the local Population – YES
    Let’s take the scenario of 365 new houses, built on the commuter side/route to Chester where house prices are 40% more expensive (Chester Average £235,000 Wrexham 145,000). The Chester people see the opportunity and affordability to purchase, when they can’t in Chester. Result high demand with Llay new house prices artificially high, say £15,000 above norm. Effect – takes these new homes out of Wrexham constituents reach. Furthermore, the Chester people work & pay some taxes in England and have a lesser Welsh contribution. And here is the big hit – Local Welsh services, Doctors, Hospitals, Roads and Schools have to withstand the additional demand of an instant 20% population increase in Llay, i.e. Over 1000 (partial-contributing) people.
    There is no common sense to this proposal for the people of Llay or Wrexham, unfortunately Wrexham Council and their planners do not have the bolls (sorry) to stand up to the Welsh Assembly and to tell them why building on the Borderlands is so vastly different to building in Cardiff, Swansea or Anglesey.

    Vote the Councillors Out

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