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    I am sure I saw one of those “Santa stop here “ notices changed to “ Binmen stop here “ this week. Some of us pointed out to the lead member a couple of years ago that a lot of people were a) not on line and b) not hovering over their smartphone- tablet etc awaiting the hot news from WCBC environmental department. Many Community Councils could help to spread the message in their locality but that would mean true engagement ( a compact ) between one level of government and the next. Seemingly beyond WCBC!



    It’s like this thread predicted the future – after Lib Dems Clr Jenkins’ Narnia proposal where he thought the good rate payers of Wrexham would accept a 12% council tax increase in future – someone did call him a clown and were good enough to relay this to said councillor.

    At the end of the day there’s a reason why there’s hardly any Welsh Lib Dems with any elected positions across the country.

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