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    Preservation bid for innovative 1950s motorway cafe | UK news | The Guardian

    Just found this , that Little Chef roof is not in the same league as ours!!!


    [QUOTE=dewi73;1110sensibleleisure centres are both running under capacity so it makes sense to close one of them.
    The Wrexham baths with its hyperbolic paraboloid roof has always been expensive to maintain.

    I would think the sensible thing would be to increase the usage. Not easy but thats why they are paid so much money. Then again they would probably pay consultants to do it.


    Welsh Dresser

    The best of Wrexham 2013 for me was the snow fall. It brought out the community spirit and neighbours helped those who needed it. When it was over we all returned to our normal behaviour but it is good to know that, when needed, people will do that extra bit necessary.

    The worst of Wrexham 2013 was the news that the Council is having it’s budget cut. The impact of this could be felt by us all for many years to come.

    On a personal level 2013 was very kind to me and the only news I had was good. I hope 2014 is as kind to all of you.

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