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    I thought this might be an interesting ‘review’ style thread!

    If you had to pick one single good , and one single bad thing connected to Wrexham this year what would it be?

    Can be serious or light hearted – and I dont know mine yet…

    What would yours be? :D



    Roadworks on 483 by Ruthin junction. Looking forward to the next lot.

    Best had to be the snow in March/April, not much traffic about and a great community spirit clearing our street.


    On a personal level but relevant to the town, the 2 best things of 2013 were Record Store Day (which reminded me of being back in Phase One Records in the 1980’s) and the relocation to the bustling bank Street. We located there in May and by September the whole street was occupied. Brilliant!

    On a negative, the various reports confirm my worst fears about Secondary schools in Wrexham. My sister in law has just come back from voluntary teaching in Malawi and it’s criminal that places like malawi cherish their meagre educational opportunities whilst we squander our largesse with farcical educational offer



    Worst was the Council squandering all our money, best was me winning the argument about the dogs on leads.



    Best: Saw a group called Singing Hands at this years AVOW concert at the William Aston Hall, they teach deaf people to sing using sign language. Never seen anything quite like them, they were fantastic. Wrexham should be proud of them.

    Worst: KFC Roofgate, I feel we had every right to feel ashamed of our town in this instance.



    Best: Wrexham winning through to Wembley.

    Worst: As Metalhead says KFC Roofgate.



    Best – Wembley, March
    Worst – Wembley, May



    Best – North Wales Crusaders – winning the Northern Rail Bowl and Championship 1 with 100% home record and crowned Championship 1 Team of the Year, Clive Griffiths was Coach of the Year and Jono Smith was Player of the Year

    Worst – Wrexham v Chester – disgraceful behaviour by some morons in both sets of fans.



    @Ferret 11017 wrote:

    Best – Wembley, March
    Worst – Wembley, May

    The latter has been erased from my memory. Utterly gutting.



    The best, march at wembley winning fa trophy

    The worst, august at racecourse losing to Chester :-(

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