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    The Arcadia Group run by Sir Philip Green are to close 260 stores across the country. They run three in Wrexham BHS, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins. Let’s hope the Wrexham stores make a profit as it is those non-profit ones facing the axe!



    With two of those stores located in the meadow I’m not sure town centre traders will be all that bothered. That said, better to have a thriving economy one way or another!!



    I think they said they wouldnt be renewing leases on a few when they come up for renewal.

    3-4 year leases renewing this year and next , would Wrexham come under that?

    If any big stores go I am sure business rates would be reduced?



    The site of the BHS store was owned and maybe is still owned by the Council. If they do still own the site they would be in the position of revising a lease to reflect the current trading climate.



    Another company under pressure with shops in Wrexham is Thomas Cook. The 200 million loan secured on Friday only buys time. Some restructing it seems will follow.

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