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    Apologies Matt, Russia comment was incorrect, some fake news I read without context again.



    Shen will Boris answer questions, tonight at the briefing he has dodged nearly every question. Not one had a full answer, he showed almost total lack of operational understanding of people’s lives.




    Jane bravo! You have accurately summed up Johnson’s entire public facing career.


    If we’re throwing comparisons around, lets take Japan.
    Population – 127 Million
    Covid deaths – 624
    Much greater population density, 1st case 2 weeks before us and right next to rhe source of the outbreak.
    Do you still think Boris has done a good job?


    Ioan y Ffin

    Boris started off badly, didnt take the virus seriously then he spectacularly changed gear after realizing his Plan A was going to be a disaster. The country rallied round and rose to the challenge but the lack of preparation both since news of the virus in China first reached us and because of the austerity measures since 2010 has meant the government has let the country down time and time again: testing, PPE, care homes etc.

    Boris couldnt even follow his own advice and the government was even more rudderless in his absence. Arriving back he had the public’s sympathy yet his ego and lack of ability to think strategically and drill down into the details resulted in him giving the most ridiculous speech by a British Prime Minister since Harold Wilson’s rubbish about the pound in your pocket and devaluation back in the 1960s. He also failed to time the detailed announcements on the easing of the lockdown with his speech so allowing confusion to reign. What did Morecambe and Wise say about all the right notes, just not in the right order, that sums up Boris’s latest responser pretty well.



    MP1953 – Labour’s job is opposition, not to be the Tory understudy or Tory reserves.

    I know you can’t cope with other people having a very different opinion to yours, but that is how it works in a healthy democracy.

    There’s always the Liberal Democrats, if you’re desperate for a miserable little compromise.

    Absolutely correct Tim, but unfortunately your type of narrative gave the Labour Party pretty much the biggest hiding they have ever had in their history in the last election, I was merely pointing out that Kier Starmer’s early responses have looked positive.

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    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    The first minister yesterday with his completely incorrect statement regarding meeting up and gatherings and today Vaughan Gething with his Golf clubs are not reopening in Wales statement. Ridiculous and embarrassing that the ones who make the Laws and issue the advise haven’t got a clue whats going on in reality. They really have a cheek complaining that Westminster is not talking to them, they are not even talking to each other. Pot kettle black springs to mind, so easy to criticise when they cant even get there own house in order.

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    Predictably, just like all other Welsh Tory MPs ever her bread is firmly buttered on wishing she was in a constituency the other side of the border:

    Her boss has created chaos and confusion and she is now disingenuously struggling to understand one simple command for all Welsh people, which she even has in her own Twitter handle name – which is #StayHomeSaveLives.

    You couldn’t make it up.



    I’ve finished a long hard shift and have spent about 45 mins reading through the comments and then up pops the Wicked Queen of Gresford Green.
    I’m off to my bed for a well earned sleep before starting again in 48 hrs.



    Well, All things considered my Litmus |Test will be when both our MPs and the House of Lords return in full to both Chambers.

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