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    ChillDoubt spat out foaming at the mouth;

    “LOL, another keyboard warrior!
    Happy to meet you in a car park of your choice, or behind the bike sheds at hometime, bring your mates…..FFS!

    If you get within 2 metres of me at the checkout, I’ll tell you, have no fear. Not really my fault if you can’t follow basic, simple instructions.”

    Why do you assume i mean violence towards you? Your threat of violence towards me is uncalled for and childish in it’s manner. Defending oneself against your kind of aggression can take many forms one form being reasoned discussion even if heated reasoned discussion; you would struggle to defend your postion. Matt’s latest post puts it very well. People with an attitude like yours cause more trouble than enough.

    Meet me behind the bike sheds, bring your mates :) how old are you?

    Keyboard warrior indeed :)



    LOL, sarcasm not your strong suit, is it IMHO?



    I don’t think we’re really getting anywhere on this, it’s all very fraught and stressful and people deal differently about others getting in their personal space or to seeing those not playing by the rules. I just take the view that I want to keep myself to myself as much as possible and spend as little time as possible in areas with lots of people and just keep my distance, so that’s my defensive move.

    This is out of genuine interest Chill and hope that things are progressing forward as they should be. In the past you mentioned that workers at the Maelor weren’t being routinely tested as they should be. Has this situation improved at all?

    Also, have you or any of your colleagues been vaccinated yet? (First dose? Or whatever). As this is a private medical matter you don’t have to answer, but it would be reassuring to know that staff at the hospital in the area are front of the queue to be protected.



    C&P function on my phone will not play ball today, sadly

    In answer to your question Matt, no, staff in certain areas are still not being tested routinely(as they certainly ought to be).
    Matt Hancock did say many weeks ago that NHS staff would be tested twice a week, but I believe that was only in England.
    To date, in this whole pandemic I have not been tested once, bar being checked for antibodies via blood sample, which proved negative.

    Vaccine roll-out has improved dramatically after a slow start and I believe that around 80% of us have now had it, though that is my own rough guesstimate.
    The consensus over the delayed second jab is that none of us are overly bothered about the delay because it means more people will get the first one at a quicker rate, which is only fair, as something(well, 90% actually, quite substantial in fact) is better than nothing.



    That’s good news about the vaccinations, but disappointing about the staff testing. I was led to believe that a proper regime was in place, maybe I need to get back to my AM Lesley Griffiths.



    Yes good to hear the roll out amongst staff is going well, 90% is definitely better protection than 0.

    It will be interesting to see in general if once the most vulnerable have all had at least one jab if the hospitalisation numbers and ultimately death numbers start dropping around North East Wales.

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