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    Welsh Dresser;5237 wrote:
    What is the alternative if voting alone is not enough?

    Speaking out in public is the first step. For which you need to be commended for saying what you do on here.

    Now the tough part that needs participation fromlots of people:

    The polictians are all the same and get away with being the same on policy.

    For instance, Cllr michael williams is the leader of local education policy committee at wrexham, but even though the local education policy has been criticised much on this forum, he will still be voted in next election no matter what (think its llay) because nobody reminds his voters on his behaviour on education or more importantly reminds his voters now until election day.

    If you want something changed you can’t just discuss it in election month every 4 or in this term five years, it sadly means hard work of publicising for four years,which in turn means having the energy to do. which is difficult.


    Welsh Dresser

    Sounds like it’s tough job. The party machine is not going to tell the voters that the candidate is not performing as well as they should. All they want is another term of office after all. What I find difficult is that the main parties, who used to be poles apart on policies, are now very similar. I used to know where my affiliation lay but now I am very befuddled but I can’t quite bring myself to break away from the party I have been loyal to since I was first able to vote.



    The range of challenges that face Wrexham will only be addressed once all the individual issues are treated as one and as a whole.

    The unacceptable performance of Ysgol Clywedog returning to special measures, the boarded up Groves School, just demonstrates that Wrexham is performing behind other communities in the UK that in truth give young people a better start than we can in Wrexham. Education is the heartbeat of a community, and without it, it is difficult to get the right levels of earnings, and achieve access in life to the sorts of further education, higher education, and jobs that that lead to true happiness and contentment and rewards for the individual.

    Wrexham Beach is a spend of tens of thousands or less. On its own, any initiative that attracts footfall is good. But on its own, such an initiative is not going to change the appeal of Wrexham as a retail centre, nor bring people to spend the money needed. Shop keepers are the heart beat of a town, and until good shop keepers, large or small, are prepared to fill the town, then it will not thrive.

    The public sector, from whichever locality or department, is not going to turn around the fortunes of Wrexham. The public sector simply spends more tax payers money. To get more money into an economy, the public sector needs to step back and stop intervention, and industry and business must find it worthwhile to invest in an area, from which jobs are created.

    Whatever the misgivings of the TEN questions asked at the start of this thread, addressing them starts to address the economy as a single subject, and that starts to address the interdependencies of education, health, housing, recreation & well-being, industry & business and prosperity.


    From my time in the NUS to the time campaigning club or the activism i do now…

    whilst i sympathise with the aim, if you can’t explain the issue in 144 characters, the public switch off. You can’t do that if you lump all the issues together into one and don’t pinpoint who is responsible.

    That doesn’t mean you are wrong, it just means people have low attention spans.



    Write a manifesto to put day to day choices in peoples hands, by increasing business and industry opportunity, go out into the globe and recruit businesses into Wrexham, increasing revenue and GVA. Reducing public expenditure as a percentage (not cutting spending), and change the way we spend that money in the community by investing intellectually in schools (taking guidance from the Butler Act), quickly having a Local Development Plan to improve housing, putting energy into social care. Properly challenge other public bodies to deliver best services such as Health on Maelor Hospital, and Welsh Assembly on roads & transport.

    Ask for fifty or so citizens of Wrexham to put themsleves forward as new councillors, adopt the manifesto, and if voted in, just meet once a month as a Council. Plenty of people are employed and paid full time to do the work.



    Roof top criminality is a very sad distraction from the real issues of Wrexham, and in many ways an indictment of the problems!

    Elected leaders are understood to be reading these forums, and it would be very good if they would lead by addressing the key issues of education and strong economic growth. People need aspiration from within the community, and to generate money fulfil those aspirations.


    It’s time they concentrated on bringing new stores to the town and get the
    town on the map again.



    Wrexham will have to start by respecting the consumer!


    The council doesn’t care about bringing in new shops.

    And to be frank, the town doesn’t have the income to generate sales for new shops.

    Unless the goods are perishable, very cheap, need to be tried on or one-offs, there isn’t enough of a retail market in wrexham anymore.

    Just to give you a glimpse of how bad the financial crisis is in the north west; Mcdonalds has actually started to shut some premises.

    And pointing out the north/south divide, I was in Southend last night. Not one empty shop.


    Welsh Dresser

    On a recent trip away I remarked that there were very few empty shops. We were in a city which may make a difference. Where there was an empty shop they seemed to fill the windows with goods from other shops around them so the streets didn’t look empty. You only have to go to Chester to see the difference. It’s such a shame as I would much prefer to shop in Wrexham and I do on weekdays but for something special I am forced to use other retailers.

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